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  1. Okay BJ koooooooooooool All the **** **** and disappointment being a fan over the years I could stomach, but this, I just can't for some reason. Maybe because it's directed at us, like, have some tact boo. It is intrusive what's been happening, but I hope she's shading mother dearest, because she really got tongues wagging liking the posts. Fans have held back for years because of no proof and her not owing us anything, but ones the podcast revealed what they revealed and mother dearest liking the posts. So let's not act like people are crazy for starting the movement. We already people in the media called them crazy cos it's Britney Spears, and also it's her fans. We have the actual star being shady too. Keep it cute sis. The lamination is peeling off my Stan card, it's a little folded, letters and numbers are fading but I still have it, but as I don't know everything obviously and I still love this *****, imma still be here, but in my opinion that wasn't very becoming at all.
  2. Head shaving and umbrella incident, especially if you're not a fan. It was HUGE. Britney knew it would be hence doing it publicly but she wasn't thinking rationally. She was the first 21st century media obsession, the peaked huge, the fall was higher and boy when she fell it was huge. It's interesting because in this fake woke #mentalheathawarenessday era, there's over earnest concern for people and celebs but with Britney, there's always some kinda smirk from the very same people who tend to defend the issue. Either way, that sadly is her defining moment imo.
  3. Black Buddafly - Bad Girl Britney would've killed that song
  4. I think you should turn that into a screenplay cos that would be an entertaining watch. I think Britney had massive uphill battles that was too much for her and she fought it wrong and lost. No shame in it, we make the dumbest decisions based on emotion.
  5. Firstly digitalspy is full of bitter trash in every kind of way, just look at the other threads, truly depressing. That's not the GP. Britney has always been dragged for being talentless. I once showed people footage of Britney playing the piano singing everytime (the toxic performance on YouTube) and they outright said it was fake and made weird excuses. She's not overrated cos she's pretty much a laughing stock, as an artist and and person breaks my heart to say. Overrated are what most artists are now. Britney performed with a snake, danced her *** off, worked hard and wasn't pushing some sjw agenda or constantly saying how great a dancer she was, going on about writing everytime, going on about her family issues, or outwardly projecting being humble with publicity stunts, nor was she being held as a demigod for it. She just did the popstar thing, some people hate that and think it's fake, and that's fair enough.
  6. Well, she was the biggest star in the world, so she had a lot of haters. She was controversial, so she had a lot of haters. The only person that matched her success at the time was Eminem and guess what, he had a lot of haters, possibly more. She was bubble gum pop, saying she was a virgin even when slave dropped people would have obviously thought she was fake. It doesn't really matter cos she ******* slayed. It was amazing being a fan, when she was booked on an an award show, you KNEW she'd steal the show, you knew the video would be awesome. Everything WAS awesome. It's not being delusional, it's just remembering how awesome she was. Also the world doesn't end after America's shores, oops was #1 in many other countries. You're right about slave, but yeah it was a risk, that's what good artists do, they take risks, it's not a bad thing. It was very different for her an not everyone took to it, but no pop girl was putting out an r&b song at the time, and the black community were slayed by it, I remember. You're going on about credibility, she was a teenager singing pop songs she didn't write, dancing ****, and saying she was a virgin when most people thought she wasn't, of course she didn't have credibility as an artist, she was marketed at children. Who's gonna take an artist like that seriously? And it didn't matter at the time. Were you an adult at the time, why would you have cared? It's not that what you're saying is wrong. I just don't think it matters, she's the star that she is because of everything that you have listed. That's basically why people were here for a comeback, I don't think most would have even been given the chance. The prime had drama but it's all part of her legacy. I personally think the Justin thing was the worst thing, but Toxic came and she survived it. My prerogative slayed Europe. The music did fine, that's the main thing. She was known as a **** vocalist but her dancing and performance couldn't be denied through her whole prime.
  7. I just wanna see how they tell the story, I'm not taking it too seriously at all
  8. Oh that wasn't a dig at you btw. In America his career was damaged when he did a music with George Bush and Tony BLair being gay or something. It's on talent shows in the UK anyway. I sometimes hear it on the radio when they play old songs.
  9. In what world sis It gets sung on talent shows by teen girls, it wouldn't say it's iconic but it's definitely remembered. Anyways, I'm leaving my fav George Michael song here seeing as there's a lack of tribute on this forum.
  10. I hope Britney wasn't the first thing you thought of when you heard George Michael died cos that's weird. George Michael is a high end pop icon, not a legend. The list of 80s pop stars in that category goes on because their songs and images a so iconic and recognized today. Like Faith, careless whisper, wake me up and last Christmas super iconic, arguably more than most of Britney's tbh. Britney is a weird one, she's a high end pop icon too. She would have been an instant legend if she was flawless with the Circus comeback performances, that would have done it, but she got dragged instead. She needs a huge era before she retires and she'll be on the right track. If not she will definitely become a legend after death.
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