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"Slumber Party feat. Tinashe" YouTube Copyright 2.0 [It Wasn't Fake in the End]

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So I posted this earlier

then I tried downloading the video from Instagram and uploading on YouTube myself, and this showed up


then I said it was fake and the thread was locked, but I talked to the guy who tweeted this and he told me he downloaded the video from Twitter not Instagram, so I tried to do it again, this time using the video I downloaded from Twitter, and this showed up


So I guess the video is already on VEVO :crying11: Maybe it really is being released this Friday

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11 minutes ago, britneysslumberparty said:

i dont get this :idkney:


8 minutes ago, s0dap0p said:

Can someone explain this whole thing? :embarrassney: It's kinda all over the place :quirkney:


5 minutes ago, BritRiRiBey said:

i dont understand

YouTube is taking videos with the Slumber Party audio down for copyright infringement claiming the videos are plagiarizing "Slumber Party - Britney Spears feat. Tinashe" when it used to say only "Slumber Party - Britney Spears" before.


I'm sorry, my english is not that good :hype:

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So .. judging by the insta video the remix didn't change the original sound of the song ... my life is complete now I will sleep in the night like a baby :idkney:

Edit: for those who dont understand ... if u try to upload the insta video (mannequin challenge) ..it will be blocked under the name of "sp feat. Tinashe" so .. the song we are hearing there is not the album version :embarrassney:

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