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Circus is THE breakup album!

Guest StrawberryKisses

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Guest StrawberryKisses

Womanizer: You know your man is cheating on you

Out From Under: When you're depressed

Unusual You: Knowing he's too good to be true


Blur: When you get back together with him for a one night stand and regret it

Radar: When you start looking for another man :quirkney:

If You Seek Amy: When you're ready to If You Seek Aye with guys again




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Guest StrawberryKisses
10 hours ago, SlayOut said:

How do you get emotes to get that large? :otears: 

On a PC, just drag them with your mouse like you'd do in Microsoft Word :quirkney:

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I personally like Femme Fatale after a breakup because it makes me have the confidence to be a **** again :shameless:

On a very very side note, and one I even consider unfavourable, one of the best breakup albums is actually 4 by Beyonce, man that album helped me through a breakup and now I can't even listen to most of the songs on it :gloria: Probs the only Beyonka album I listened to over and over tbh :orangu:

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18 minutes ago, A.D. said:

I actually think 4 is kinda like Dangerously in Love and B'Day...relies too much on the same sound and gets boring (though Party and I Miss You are bops :verycool:)...Sasha Fierce, the self-titled and Lemonade are her best :carpoolney:

Yeah idk I feel like some songs are similar in all her albums to be honest :ricackle: Party is such a bop, even Countdown is rather good and of course Love On Top which I totally don't love anymore cause I played it too much :sofedup: I loved at one time I Miss You but it made me go back to my ex so I hate it now tbh :wannadie: Actually the whole album can go **** itself really, and for that matter Yonce's voice cause I find it difficult to listen to her now after it :nothavingit:

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