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  1. It may sound crazy but I think Womanizer and also if u seek amy and blur
  2. Omg do you know where can I listen to these demos or find the thread? :0
  3. So I've just realized that I've been here in Exhale for more than a year (17/06/16 was the day that I joined Exhale) :snapney::queenriri::unbelievableney:

  4. I'm dyeing my hair rn to grey, wish me luck Exhale :snapney:

    I'm kinda scared of how my hair will end up looking like :umomg:

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. ohoney

      ''I was saved by a stylist she even told me that I was about to be bald cause my sister used a product that was way too much for my hair:umomg:''   :gloria: 

  5. IMO Britney's chorus vocals sounds bad BUT due to that cheap/robot effect that the producer of this songs put on Britney's chorus vocals Her vocals on the whole song are amazing
  6. I also want Cry to leak, the song that was rumoured to be perfomed at the VMAS 2007
  7. Rebellion is the most fan-wanted Britney's song to leak But to my mind is Just Yesterday, it's so beautiful
  8. @I'mSoCurious update ur fanfic sis :slayney:

    I can't wait to see how Britney changes Justin's mind and makes him cross the line :milkney:

    1. ImSoCurious

      I'm on a temporary hiatus. I want to finish the pilot of my new show, then I'll get back onto the fanfic :selenerz: I promise!

  9. Does someone like Marina And The Diamonds up in here??? :brit:

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MakeMeOoh99

      Everybody should like her :queenriri:

    3. DaxCass

      @GodBritneyyy That's fo'sho :bwink: yet she still being so unknown :crying11:

    4. MakeMeOoh99

      #MusicNotTheBling :embarrassney: Savages is such a masterpiece:letitburn:

  10. Does someone have kik???

  11. Stripped was released in 2002 she took 4 years to release Back To Basics, and Bionic was released in 2010 and it's such a shame that it flopped so hard, the concept of the album and the album itself it's very good, but it was ahead of time, tbh I think that Bionic and FF are very similar, and the flop of Bionic was caused by Gaga's fans too, they were real strong back then
  12. Actually Xtina took a long time to release Back To Basics yet it was very succesful something that we can't say about Bionic and Lotus and Gwen with her last album scored her first N1 album in USA so... and Fergie has generated so much views with **** Money
  13. Till The World Ends it's a remembered hit, and you gotta understand that Britney doesn't generate so much views her most watched video has only like 240,000,000 views in VEVO
  14. I wouldn't wish that due that Femme Fatale was the last real succesful Britney era, plus it's the album where she scored more top 10, her FF era with no promo did it so well considerating that she was competing with Adele,Katy,Gaga,Kesha,Nicki Minaj,Justin Bieber,Rihanna and one hit wonders . And was the last album where she did a tour to promote it. And is the last N1 album of Britney in USA But I know that she will slay and be in the competition again in 2018 with B10
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