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EDIT Goldsoundz And Speakerphone About How Britney Described The Music Video

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I wouldn't take the comparison too seriously. It probably goes as far this did.


stereosalt said: 
Eyes Wide Shut is seductive, heavy, dark, terrifying, haunting, thought provoking, and illuminati alluding.

And the "Slumber Party" video will be less thought-provoking and heavy.


Yeah. It's Britney risqué as opposed to Make Me v1 risqué

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2 minutes ago, alexdaily said:

Omg I know! Why can't people say things straight up 

They're saying don't take what she's saying literally. It's not really like the tom cruise movie and when she says "risqué" it's not like make me original risqué more of like normal Britney stuff

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