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Do you still see Britney becoming a GREATER artist?

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We all have( or had) visions of the kind of artist we thought Britney would become at this point in her career. Up until 2008, for better and worse, we've witnessed Britney grow as person and artist to the point where she was the most genuine pop star ever.

But now that her financial conservator lawyer ,Andrew Wallet, said that its normal  for people to remain in lifetime conservatorships because they can't handle their own finances and can't make competent medial decisions for themselves,  what do you see in the future for the artist Britney Spears?

Just a few weeks ago, Britney tried to discuss her conservatorship during an interview in the UK but it ended being cut from the actual broadcast.  Since she can't even talk about it,  will she ever write a song about it?

Does Britney still write music?  Will we never get another "Everytime","Someday I will understand", "Little Me", "Mystic Man", You were my Home, Weakness?   RCA tried to trick us with Britney Jean by making her record a bunch of meaningful content songs, but we could tell that, literally,was not Britney.


I just don't see Britney becoming a greater artist while she is under the conservatorship...and it's sad.:yeahsure:

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4 minutes ago, kin said:

Musically yes, dance performances no. I'm more than happy with Piece Of Me cage performance, no need to try hard.

How so musically?  Do you feel like she's going to continue to release innovative mindless ear candy pop albums like she's done her entire career?


I just don't see the person 'Britney Spears' being content with that... It seems like she's always wanted to be more personal with her music but keeps being held back....:cricket:

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Just now, nonoiseplz said:

How so musically?  Do you feel like she's going to continue to release innovative mindless ear candy pop albums like she's done her entire career?


I just don't see the person 'Britney Spears' being content with that... It seems like she's always wanted more than that. :cricket:

Well, Glory is low budget since there will no tour afterward yet already pretty good. Even the lazy work *****, scream and shout managed to be somewhat relevant. I have no doubt Britney and her team can make hit songs. And yes, pop is as much music as all of other pretentious genres.

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She needs to break away from the perception that people have of her as being this puppet and get more in control of her career/music/visuals.

Glory is a step in the right direction,but the subject matter of most of the album is ***. She won't be able to move past "pop princess" if she never gets personal or creative.:verycool:

It's all about passion and drive which she has lacked for some years now. We're seeing her get back to being in a good place post breakdown. She's more open than before,more alert on stage and sharp with her moves so I expect good things from her in the future. She did say the world can't get rid of her just yet meaning she still has plans and ambitions for herself and her career.

So....we'll have to....wait....and....see?:moorangu:

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As an artist, it's hard to tell. She was her realest self when she was free (refer to ITZ, Original Doll, Blackout) 

Asking Britney to write and release true personal songs is like asking a ballet dancer to perform a ballet number in tight jeans and stilletos with her arms strapped with ductape.

She will never be truly be able to express herself while under conservatorship, so until then, no. She won't ever be any more than what she is now.

She will always sing about *** and hot guys and pretty girls on songs written and produced for her. She will never have real artistry for as long as she isn't able to freely express her inner self, her personal experiences, her feelings, emotions, and thoughts. For as long as she's censored or filtered by her team of lawyers and handlers, she will always be reserved and guarded.

As a performer, it's also hard to tell. I guess that's just Britney now, unpredictable and inconsistent. But she's improved a lot since FF, when she was at her worst, so it's not impossible for her to improve, we just don't know if she will.

All that aside, I do believe she's at her happiest since the conservatorship was imposed on her. 

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Yes! Knowing that Glory is her best album in recent while and she claimed that she was more involved during the development and the production compared to the three predecessors say a lot that Britney is a GOOD artist

She has ears for good music and it did show for every album that she was more highly involved in (Blackout, Glory, In the Zone), they usually stand out above the rest

She is now going in the right direction. Performance still not perfect but I see that she can overcome her obvious nerve during her last few performances :carpoolney:

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U know what? It's very difficult to be "creative" with major labels and if you think about it, the most creative one was Blackout, Britney gave total freedom to the producers with only her vision set (her label didn't had a finger in it, which it means, there's no "play" safe game) and that's why it worked it out. Even Danja mentioned that on his last interview about working with Britney and Blackout.

I hate Britney Team not only for the flop actions they tend to take, but specially because of these issues... Most people think Britney is a puppet, even some fans here do it, but I think her vision is way beyond many people think most of the time. Like I said many times, the best solid and mature tracks/videos, were the ones she had most of her hands on. 

I just hope this C-SHIP goes away and she gains confidence and self control again, cuz she earned it and she has been fighting for it since the beginning of her career... but came back to zero at some point in 2008. If y'all think Britney has a lot of control and saying, I really doubt it in many ways ngl. 

I just hope she goes more urban again, her best albums are Blackout and ITZ, and yet again, the strongest track of Glory is "Slumber Party" and it's also the most urban one in there. Oh well... I think we're getting there, maybe. I hope Britney wakes up and has enough strength and care to go ahead with it.

Even when her kids grow up, i'm sure she will feel pretty much bored and do something about it.

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