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  1. I seriously hope they get the punishment they deserve for doing this to her.
  2. I feel that it was either Jamie didn’t feel that she capable of holding so much responsibility or she just didn’t feel right about the whole situation and didn’t want to get involved in it.
  3. We need to prepare for them to either a.) release some bullshit statements to try to calm us all down or b.) just ignore the whole movement and let britney come back once they have her under control and drugged up again like FF era and just hope everyone forgets about it. We’ve got people talking, but if the team does either option then we need to make sure people don’t get deceived and continue to see what is actually happening. We can’t allow this abuse to go on for years like we did in the past.
  4. You mentioned how certain things don’t make sense about this whole situation like why wouldn’t her family speak up or why she wouldn’t press legal charges. But there have also been things that have literally not made sense about the cship and her management for YEARS, long before this #freebritney thing started. How could you just ignore all the sketchy things involving that. Her family might not be speaking up bc there could be restrictions stopping them. Same as to why she couldn’t press any legal charges if the allegations that are being made are true. Yes we don’t know anything, but that’s exactly why we’re doing this. We need answers. Too many things don’t add up and if the allegations are true then we need to do everything we can to help. You all keep saying how what if this isn’t real and what if we’re actually hurting Britney’s mental health. First of all, it’s not that difficult to make us stop. Just let us hear from britney herself. She doesn’t have to tell us every personal detail but she could at least give us a genuine video explaining everything and clearing things up. However that hasn’t happened. Instead we’ve gotten all the information from management, magazines, tmz, and a post on Instagram (which isn’t very reliable since we know her management has made posts on her ig themselves before). Doesn’t help that her management knows about the #freebritney situation and instead of speaking up they’re just deleting comments and trying to silence us. Enough is enough.
  5. I hope other shows will talk about it too. This is a great start, but we got to keep it going
  6. Yes they might be popular but they’re still not at the level of Britney or even any other professional recording artist her stature. Being invited to the Kardashians house doesn’t mean you’re a megastar. You can’t compare Trisha paytas to britney. You can’t compare Jake Paul to Britney. You can’t compare Kathy to Britney. And I know Jeffree is the most popular and successful out of all the documentary youtubers but still you can’t compare him to britney. Britney has been a household name for over 20 years now. She has made the record labels HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars. They would make sure to do everything humanly possible to continue to get money from her and keep any of the wrong doings from coming out. Just look at how secretive and controlled all of her interviews and meetings have been. With the other stars Shane has interviewed, he’s actually been able to speak to them, their friends, their family, etc. Yes maybe Shane could get in contact with old managers or old friends but that’s not reliable enough. If he’s not talking to her specifically, her family members now, or anyone that is currently on her team then how does he intend on getting any info. It’s not like he’s this trained detective. He’s a YouTuber.
  7. While I’d like for him to do a docuseries on the situation, I don’t think it’s realistic. The only reason he’s been able to do the series with the other people are because they’re not A list celebrities really. Like they’re all youtubers and no where near the status of Britney so I don’t know how he would even be able to get any people to interview.
  8. I’m seriously so worried about her and her kids. I wonder what they think of their mother being gone and if they even know about anything that is happening. They’re old enough to recognize these things and for them to have an effect on them. I hope she can get back to them soon
  9. I feel like they’ve realized they f**ked up and that’s why they’re trying to release all this stuff about her retiring from music. Like they’re hoping that if they announce a possible retirement, it will draw attention away and prevents anything from actually coming out and everyone will just forget about it.
  10. Yeah it was definitely in the BJ era bc the question involved something about her standing in the middle of the sharks or the cliff edge
  11. Every time I see this it reminds me of a blonde Michael Jackson
  12. I always hated this commercial. I always thought she looked so odd and not like herself
  13. I don’t understand why people are taking Jamie and her team’s side. Maybe you don’t believe that everything in the podcast was true, but you can’t just ignore the fact that something is up with the situation. These accusations aren’t something that were just randomly made up. Many of us have thought something has been up for years now. This has now gotten to the point that us as fans can no longer just make threads about why things are the way they are and discuss it amongst ourselves. We need to make this national news and spread the word because if things really are bad for her, this is the something we can do to try and help. We need answers, or at least need to hear something from britney herself. Not her management, not her dad, not Larry, not TMZ. And the reason why we can’t just take their word is because so many things don’t add up or make sense. If Jamie was deathly sick a few months ago, he would not be going to a wedding that soon. You don’t just recover from something like that within a week or even a month. It takes a long time.
  14. BOMT - Britney Spears Oops - Stronger Britney- Not a girl...not yet a woman ITZ- *** Drive My Prerogative- I’ve Just Begun Blackout- Rebellion Circus- The Show Must Go On Femme Fatale- Trouble for Me BJ- #willpower Glory- Rapture
  15. Toxic is the only song I ever hear unless I turn to the 90s or 00s stations
  16. Yeah I'm not obsessed with exhale anymore so I don't check the threads that were ap daily
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