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Did you like Clumsy/DYWCO more before the album release?

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Private Show i thought was okay but i was a bit worried the album was going to be full of midtempos similar to this and Make Me. I was pleased when we got Clumsy and DYWCO. I thought she sounded great in the song though. When the album came out i found i didn't really like the song as much compared to the rest of the tracks, it's probably one of my least faves from the album now.

Clumsy i was a bit disappointed with it at first but i love it now and it's a bop.

DYWCO i LOVED and wanted to be the 2nd single and i still do, it's my fave song from the album and my most played on iTunes. 

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I loved Private Show and I love it now as well, probably one of my favourite Glory tracks.
I was disappointed when I heard Clumsy but now I really like it.
I don't really remember my reaction to DYWCO tho, I think I liked it more than Clumsy but less than Private Show. It's not my favourite song from Glory but honestly I think it would be a good single choice but it needs a better performance. 

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I've actually been really into Clumsy these past few days, I think it should be single #3 I love it and I think it's really different from what's out there and the rest of the album

As for DYWCO, the performance kinda ruined the song for me but now that I don't watch its performances I love it a lot haha

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