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(POLL) Britney's best vocals after Blackout


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I chose to make this thread about songs that personally, I think are amazing vocally, from Circus to Glory, because before Circus, the "Britney can't sing" thing wasn't as big as it is now. So I was curious.

And yes, songs like "My baby" and other songs the fans don't like are here, but please, don't vote for the best song, vote for the best vocals. :donewithit:

You can vote for multiple songs.


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Just now, Kuzco said:

How is Mood Ring a vocally powerful track ? :4music: god this fan base ...

What You Need is at the top of her game

i do not like that song 

but her vocals are on point and fr the first time in years , they're not chipmunk-ish  

I wouldn't say it's necessarily "powerful" per se. But to me, it sounds like the old Britney, like her real voice. When I first listened to the song I had shivers because I felt like I was hearing the real Britney for the first time in years. Not nasal or high pitched or auto tuned/warped to death. Sure she's not singing very forcefully or trying really hard to hit any certain key, but it feels like organic Britney to me, and that's all I've ever wanted. Maybe I'm biased because I grew up on albums where she relied on her actual voice more. :britannoyed:

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24 minutes ago, Someone Who Knows said:

I keep saying it and you all keep proving me right lol....you guys romanticize her prime

She ALWAYS got dragged vocally by so many people. Saying she had a thin baby stripper voice.

I didn't say it didn't exist, sis. I said it wasn't that big of an issue, like it is now. :sofedup:

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