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Hey guys - While we're all melting down (myself included, that video is trash as a standalone) here's some literature by yours truly. I don't post often, but I just wanted to take the time to share my delusional theory for 2 videos:

- At the beginning of the video, the girls keep mentioning that they need to see him later, but not now: later on Saturday. Saturday at 1pm. They mention Saturday and 1pm at least twice in just that scene.

- He says he thinks they're up to no good, and the girl obviously states that they're up to no good at all. They're all acting so suspicious, almost too suspicious if they just wanna hook up with him. They also laugh hysterically after he leaves, as if their plan is going to work. 

- The actual casting is "Make Me Casting" and that's plastered several times throughout the video

- The timestamp for the auditions (Saturday 1:15pm) is so un-necessary. There's no reason to mention a time, let alone a DAY. (Saturday is tomorrow)

- There's no actual content to the video other than the auditions + Britney featuring her female dancers. Those hallway "dance" scenes are easy.

- There are monitors and screens that cut in and out throughout the video, and we see Britney throwing a screen out the window in the leaked video.

- The whole thing feels like it's leading up to something else. It ends abruptly with the director yelling "cut" on the casting session but it doesn't feel over (and they never really play a prank or anything or get "up to no good", plus the "friends" seem so interested in what's going to continue happening when the camera is cutting out and she's with the guy)

-We see a dead guy in the pool at some point, so the second video might be a revenge theme or a "**** men" type of thing


- This whole scenario is giving me MAJOR My Prerogative vibes: The screeching car that drives into the auditions, the pool with something being thrown in, the whole thing going down in a house. 

- I REALLY feel like both directors worked together on this "surprise" and the whole thing revolving around "Friday" and "Saturday at 1pm" is making me think this was all their plan.

- It would make sense that the videos took so long to come out, because if one week wasn't the perfect week to release, they would have to wait until the next FRIDAY + SATURDAY to release it, and so on. 

- It still makes no sense to me that they would scrap ALL of the hard work and ALL of that money when the video doesn't seem that bad at all. 

- If they pulled this off, it would be an EPIC strategy that hasn't been used yet. The damage is minimal with just one day in between, and the second video would break the internet so they would actually make up for the bad publicity. Think about this: everything feels so sketchy, no one is saying anything, it feels bizarre.


ANYWAY, thanks for reading my novel and taking a break from crying and writhing in pain. Lemme know what you think, if only just to fantasize for a moment. 




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Like I said, it's just fun to fantasize about it and think of what I would do as a SANE person managing her career. 


Besides, tons of negativity around here. One can dream, I think my theory is pretty strong, but like most of us my hopes are definitely NOT up. 

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Cool theory dude..but i think the following can destroy it for you..why the hell didnt they use the reshoot thing as an intro and they shot a whole video for casting men? It could just fit as an intro into the original thing..we would just have a 7+ min long video:truthtea:

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I haven't been on Exhale much today, and barely saw the video an hour ago. I also saw a similar theory like this on Twitter (there's another thread about it) but I really hope this happens. It makes logical sense, but I also am not banking on it.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see (yet again). :orangu:

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3 minutes ago, thrive94 said:

Cool theory dude..but i think the following can destroy it for you..why the hell didnt use the reshoot thing as an intro and they shot a whole video for casting men? It could just fit as an intro into the original thing..we would just have a 7+ min long video:truthtea:

Three reasons:

- The meltdowns we are having add to the controversy/publicity

- Pulling this stunt off would be epic for Britney and the only way to really fool us is this strategy (we're a clever bunch)

- It still allows them to have a safe video to put out there that's not TOO risky, for the prudes.

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My theory (I'm high forgive me):

Recently they added a g Eazy less version to radio, and tbh his part of the original video is the only super racy part ( I'm a ****, and that **** was in appropriate and classless ) 

What if they plan to use the original video shortly and cut him out, re edit and fill in the gaps for cohesion?

BOOM !!!

anyways, back to smoking that bomb. Xoxo!!

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1 minute ago, claug326 said:

I thought about this too but I don't think they would use the same g eazy footage twice. The clips of him in the official video are the same from the leak. Just edited. 

It makes sense if you remember that they had limited time to shoot with G-eazy.

The plot of the first video leads too conveniently into the second video for there not to be another video being released.

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