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Found 6 results

  1. https://twitter.com/TheAListGirl1/status/1591626174312206338?s=20&t=OiEzEEEG54ungneY_Azgig
  2. Last night Nicki went off on Twitter and made serious allegations about how some rap girls are not writing their raps. Nicki didn’t say any names, but it’s pretty clear she has referred to Megan and Cardi. Allegedly, Megan Thee Stallion has made some behind the scenes remarks about Nicki Minaj being “weird” after they filmed the Hot Girl Summer music video (plus WAP) hence the animosity between them. Nicki also dragged Armon Wiggins, a notorious YouTuber paid by Cardi B to bash Nicki Minaj on a daily. The reason why Nicki posted about him is pretty obvious: (Is this line for Megan or Cardi? Chile) I ain’t talkn Spanish when I say señorita. Told the btch ghost writer: yo, SendYourReader. Nicki violating Megan Thee Stallion back to back: 1. Super Freaky Girl Roman Remix Don't nobody wanna hear that weak ****, ho In the game, fifteen, ain't peak yet, ho Tell that goofy get a chair, she was cocky, I could swear 'Til my old tape sold more than your album, drop a tear 2. Super Freaky Girl QueenMix These *****es hungry, guess I'm just greedier These *****es ugly, my *****es prettier Horseback ridin', I be like, "Giddy up" When I touch a city, paint it red like graffiti up I wain't gotta beg for sympathy from the media Eediat/Idiot,
  3. My first Cardi thread and I’m so honored doing it because she’s the first female rapper in history releasing so much awful material all at once. I would write a review for each but there’s nothing there. She’s a bad singer and at the same time a bad rapper. I love it! The lowest is what? Side note: No Love Remix didn’t even outsell the original in order to chart. She’s so over without payola, she can’t even sell festivals tickets.
  4. Per Deadline: "EXCLUSIVE: Paramount Players has pulled the plug on its comedy feature Assisted Living after Cardi B backed away from the starring role, sources tell Deadline. The film was just a week away from starting production, and other cast and crew were just told the film has at least temporarily been scratched. The $30 million film is produced by Temple Hill and was to be directed by Thembi Banks. In Assisted Living, Cardi B (Hustlers) was to play a low-level criminal on the run when she’s wrongly accused of a crime. She has to stay free long enough to prove her innocence and holes up at her grandmother’s retirement home. She fits in with the help of some old-lady prosthetics. The reason for her pullout is that she is overextended. This is happening in real time, and when a star pulls out of a movie this late, the exit often is followed by legal action. But sources say that the hope is to put the pieces back together later this year. Stay tuned."
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