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  1. On October 18, 2018 we had an announcement previously announced on Ellen Related:
  2. This forum has discussed everyone else...But what do Nappytabs know? In her testimony a few weeks back, Britney had this to say: Does this jive with what Nappytabs might say about this incident? When they were hired, were they under the impression that Britney was supposed to be teaching the dancers her own choreography? Britney is a genius in the studio... But in the past, the fanbase has highly criticized Britney's choreography. For instance, this was Mannequin choreographed by Wade and Andre: And this was Mannequin choreographed by Britney: Do you think it's possible that Nappytabs were unhappy with how Britney was taking the lead on the choreography for Domination? Is it possible that Nappytabs lied to Larry about Britney not taking her medication? Or do you think Britney was purposely taking over on the choreography as a way to spite her management and Jamie? Perhaps there's more to this incident than the simple story that Britney told in her testimony. What do you think?
  3. The choreographer just shared their rehearsal minus Britney herself Looks sooooo good!
  4. Will she? I don’t think so. Obviously, I want her freedom, but as a fan I also am curious of what will happen next in her career. “Domination” would have been a great career move for her if I wasn’t taking place in 2019. Now, in 2020, I can see her making a comeback to the vegas stage and it being successful. I do think when she makes her comeback, any and all performances will be in vegas. That way, she can be a mom, her performance schedule will be light and she she will make large sums of money from it. “ Domination” can happen, she just needs to do it right. Britney is planning something huge right now, I can feel it. There is no way “mood ring” would be released like this, the “glory” cover art change and her seemingly getting back in shape, she (or her team) are making this comeback. If she is making a comeback it will most likely be this: Lead B10 single, “Domination” re - opening, B10 promotional single, B10, “domination” begins, B10 second single, random track with some unknown artist as a promo single for “domination”, B10 third and final single, perfumes But what do you think, when Britney returns, will she return with “Domination”?
  5. Hi Guys, Thought that some of you guys would enjoy watching this new interview with Willie Gomez where he mentions working with Britney and Domination quite a few times. He talks more in depth about Domination at the end of the interview and he also says that out of Britney, Jlo and Christina that working with Britney is the best. Stay safe everyone
  6. Well, last year, when the hiatus was announced, Park MGM said that the Domination Residency had been postponed. Well, not anymore. I emailed them and they actually answered me lol That's it, enjoy your day
  7. By now we all know that Domination is just an idea of the past. It is no longer postponed but cancelled. Never to see the lights of the Las Vegas strip. Today the “official” intro was posted on Instagram, along with the beginning of the alleged opening number, which was a remix of her hit Toxic. Do you think this is legit? Thoughts on the new sound Britney and producers were going for? It’s definitely different than what she’s done in the past. We know Britney is an urban Queen
  8. Do you think theres any chance that Brit will bring this show to europe too? If not when do you think shell next time do an europe tour?
  9. By the looks of the Variety Article, Britney And Her Team Were Looking To Suprise Drop B10 Sometime Around Domination. Do You Think This Would Be A Good Idea For Britney? Would It Work For Her Like It's Worked For Beyonce? Or Does She Need As Much Promo As she Should Get And A Suprise Release Would Have Flopped. It's Prob Better That They Didnt Because Ariana Dropped Her Album The Same Week, So B10 Wouldnt Have Debuted At #1. Now She Still Has A Chance.
  10. Looking back at her 2018 looks, it's clear DOM announcement was her best look, the makeup was on point and she had just gotten some botox. Her smile is also finally looking good!. THIS IS GODNEY Other 2018 Looks: BEAUTY AWARDS: To me this look was ruined by her styling. Her makeup was horrible (raccoon eyes) and her hair looked very heavy and dry. I liked the dress though, and this picture is imo one of the best from the event. GLAAD: This one rivals the DOM announcement for best look tbh. The makeup was on point, the hair was nice (could be better, but so could DOM announcement.) She looked years younger than the beauty awards and she looked like living legend, britney spears. ELLEN: Again bad makeup, but I think she looked good, I liked the dress on her (she does not wear red too often.) And it was cute her bit and her reunion with ryan gosling. What Do You Think Was Her Best 2018 Look?
  11. If this does well, I'll make a version with all of the notable/popular album tracks. And to clarify some of the choices I've made here: My Only Wish (This Year) is a Christmas single. (Obviously.) However, it was never a full single in that it got a music video and promotional performances, it was simply a radio single since it gets airplay every Christmas season. That's Where You Take Me was finally confirmed in 2015 (after over a DECADE of speculation) to have been a Philippines-only single, the last off of the Britney album, and peaked in said country at #3. Other country-specific singles are; Born To Make You Happy (released in all of Europe) and Anticipating (released exclusively in France), and And Then We Kiss and Unusual You (both released exclusively in New Zealand). (I've Just Begun) Having My Fun was released as a promotional single before the release of the My Prerogative album, and even has single artwork. When Britney did the infamous interview about Original Doll, she previewed Mona Lisa and said it was the likeliest choice to be the lead single, so even though OD was scrapped, Mona Lisa has been granted Honorary Single status for the purposes of this poll. Kill the Lights won a fan contest where it was given an official music video. In my mind, if you have a music video, you're a single. So like Mona Lisa, since Kill the Lights was never officially released, it's an Honorary Single. The only two singles not on this list are What's Going On and Hands, due to both being charity singles, and only featuring 20 seconds of Britney vocals combined. Criminal is listed as being from B in the Mix: Vol. 2 because the Single Mix was included on that album, which was released around the time Criminal was decided upon as the next single, and physical copies described it as being a single from said album.
  12. Hi guys I am new here, thought I would join to post some edits I created I know Domination is cancelled or whatever I made it before it was announced. Hope you like them!
  13. This is so sad but i want it Etsy Link: https://www.etsy.com/BritneyPoster/listing/661922894/domination-coming-never-16x20-print?utm_source=Copy&utm_medium=ListingManager&utm_campaign=Share&utm_term=so.lmsm&share_time=1547754152110&fbclid=IwAR2l5HJedMvIMoMArjOilVQ5BrhWvf5Fz5BDDr7jYKyzgvHjBFJMcCzPrdw
  14. 20 years ago Homegirl blessed us and inspired us all <3 Would you be down for a section in Domination reimagining older album tracks or b-sides of Britney? Most preferably with new prerecorded vocals of course
  15. WHAT I WOULD DO to see the rehearsals instead of the live show! And not even the stage/dress rehearsals. I want to see her in the studio. However Britney can't know people are watching, that's when the anxiety kicks in.
  16. And yet another song she'll never perform. Would you be down for her doing performances of her B-Sides/Unreleased Stuff?
  17. Have a moment in Domination where she asks the audience if they wanna get naughty? Then, her girls join her on stage. They help her pick out a ‘stranger’ (someone drug screened and background checked) from the front row. All leading up to a cute, meant to be ****, moment where Britney has every intention to make as little as possible contact with the volunteer. UPDATE: Who thinks these belt things will make a special appearance opening night?
  18. We already know that she acts and dresses a certain way so as to draw attention away from her. I realize she has do to whatever she can to dodge the paparazzi. I get that part. While I do believe it's a tactic that has worked for her, lately I’ve noticed more and more that her way of dressing/attending fans has carried over to who she is as a performer on stage. Off stage, she is just another person among everyone else. If she does not care to style her hair, or wear flattering outfits, it’s none of my business. My concern is, Britney out and about vs Britney the popstar have become one and the same. I remember being able to make a distinction between the two a few years back. But as of late, we are given little to no personal touches from her as an artist. At least, none that feel sincere. Yet we still idolize her. We dream of a day she goes into character and sticks to the plot throughout the whole performance. The day that she actually talks to her audience during her shows. GUYS I don’t mean the same old 3 lines she’s delivered for the past 10 years. It seems to me the fans have been shoved into the same room as the media. A cold dark place with no promo, energy, or charisma. Lately, it's like she’s pushing US away too… (i.e., the meet and greet horror stories). If nothing else, I want Britney to own it. Be fierce and look FLAWLESS, at least when she’s on stage. We’re all in the same army here, how do you feel about it?
  19. EDITED: As a devoted Britney fan, I’ve exhausted all my options trying to figure out what could possibly revive her passion for performing live. At first I thought she simply can't move the same anymore but, rehearsal footage proves otherwise. Then I blamed the choreo for being too easy, but the steps don't have to be hard to be entertaining. Looking at today's mainstream pop stars, none of them move like Britney did in her prime. Perhaps the truth, simply put, is Britney's had her fill. She earned her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame by the time she was 21! She was also declared 'Woman of the Year' around the same time. Not feeling like she has something to prove, there's no drive anymore. She's already seen and experienced more than any one of us could imagine. Add 20 years, children, and a c-ship (disallowing her to legally make her own decisions) on top of the burnout, it's not hard to understand how things won't ever be the same. My takeaway is; Britney should take a breather. A real one. She deserves the time to fully devote herself to tackling her mental illness(s), and caring for her family. Should she want to, venture in other areas of the industry that are exciting to her. Anything that does not involve performing in front of a live audience. All while taking her time to write honest music that actually means something to her. Become inspired all over again and (when she's ready) give us something worth waiting for.
  20. I just randomly came across this while looking up deals on vacation getaways, and figured I’d make sure you’re all aware of it and get the opportunity to enter into the sweepstakes if you’re so inclined. The prize consists of $500 in Southwest Airlines Gift Cards, a total of two tickets to see Britney: Domination at Park MGM Las Vegas ($328), a two-night stay at Park MGM Las Vegas ($712), a $75 dining credit at Primrose inside Park MGM and has a total promotional value of $1,615.00 USD. Tickets and hotel stay valid during February 14-March 2, 2019 show run. Entries will be accepted starting December 1, 2018 and must be received no later than midnight CDT, December 31, 2018. Sweepstakes is open to all legal U.S. residents who are 21 years and older. Only one (1) entry per individual is allowed. https://www.southwestmag.com/sweepstakes/britney-spears-dec2018/ Good luck, everyone!
  21. A little boredom goes a long way! Since it's dead on the music front - I did a mix of what I envision the first act of the residency to sound like So far I've put in Till The World Ends, Gimme More, and Get Naked. Might continue on with Act 2. Let me know what ya'll think!
  22. Can u imagine Brit performing Sometimes again? Even Remixed? Have a listen
  23. We all know Britney had a sort of depression during 2011 and in her FF era she looked kinda heavy and tired (maybe due from medications). Surely you remember this EPIC LIVE PERFORMANCE of HATLM (one of my fav). OBVIOUSLY it was too FANTASTIC to hear her LIVE VOICE and see her doing those iconic poses, so they decided to cancel that performance for the European Tour. Now... Just imagine if Britney did this live performance TODAY with her body and energy. I honestly prefer her doing something like this singing live than the same 90s choreography every night. WOULD YOU LIKE SOMETHING LIKE THIS FOR DOMINATION?
  24. Hey guys anyone interested in a PIT2 Ticket for Feb 23th? I was going with a friend but he cancelled the ticket was $208 dl but i'm willing to sell it for less if anyone is interested
  25. I ? the French intro of Work ***** during POM and still try to find out why it was chosen. So mysterious & lovely ?✨
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