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  1. Ok, I feel like a teacher moment is coming on... Getting my red pen out.... "Jamie Lynn is extremely upset over the current situation that after violent threats and rhetoric being informed by sensible people, a charitable organization has been put in a position of no longer feeling as though they can safely realized how audacious it would be to accept a donation from her." "Jamie Lynn has forced chosen to stay silent for years and now she's being attacked for finally speaking her truth trying to profit off her sister's back once again. People in her PR team fail to realize that Jamie Lynn has suffered some of the same trauma that Britney has justifiable backlash." "The most upsetting part to her is to see an organization take such a quick and public stand against Jamie Lynn because it only furthers the negative and hurtful narrative against her means that her basic PR spin didn't work and doesn't fit with her narrative. She was so excited to support them and trick the general public into thinking she cared about their mission and was shocked to see them publicly decline her support after accepting thinking she got away with it." The source tells ET that Jamie Lynn "will still find ways to give back to use those who have lived through trauma and mental health issues and make it publicly known so she can feel like a martyr." "She will not allow the message to be sent that staying silent is the right option ever.... Every Jamie Lynn's voice matters. She understands now wants to belittle the organization by stating it is smaller than what a z-list celebrity is accustomed to and maybe this was too much attention for them. She was just trying to do manipulate a good thing PR opportunity and bring positive awareness in more book sales."
  2. This just boils my p!ss :| I was with somebody for two years up until recently who threw ALL kinds of narcissistic abuse at me, psychologically and emotionally destroyed me to the point where I lost all sense of self, and where I am now is only baby steps of what will be an ongoing healing process... So to a VERY TINY degree, I can somewhat empathise with Brit through having similar toxic people control your every move and emotion. So now, when I get the chance to call out all the bullsh!t I was tortured with, I'm f&%king doing it!! My friends are probably even sick to death about even hearing his name, but hey, that is my therapy. So if Brit wants to say and do whatever she likes to feel in control of herself again, and concurrently placing the blame of all the heartache and trauma where is justifiably belongs *allegedly*, then nobody else's opinion on this entire planet holds any weight what..so..ever!! Not gonna drag Jamie, I think tbf she's doing that to herself. If anyone in her circle is reading this, FWD/CC: Take a good look at yourself and upon true reflection, ask yourself if being this type of person makes you and those around you happy. And if by any chance any decent people in Brit's circles read this (so not likely but hey ho *shrugs*, still worth it). FWD/CC: Keep doing you. You know who you are deep down. And you will come out of this SO much stronger than you ever believed was possible. <3
  3. How many millions have been sponged out of her account for 'family upkeep' ....and not one dime was used to fix poor old Willie's tin-opener gnashers??! My heart bleeds
  4. I can remember being absolutely baffled when Criminal won the fan poll. I don't dislike the song in any capacity, I just thought it was the weakest of the 3 options. I always thought a new single remix of DDB should have won that, and then a remix of Inside Out featuring some rapper on B In The Mix 2 (which should have been more like the first B In The Mix with newly commissioned remixes).
  5. I was actually thinking about this when the Netflix docu dropped. - She's been around long enough and become beyond icon status that nobody would question her having a mononymous stage name. - It could be a nice rebranding for the younger audience to tap into, whilst giving that iconic status more push. - If she was to continue performing and make new music, shedding her surname could possibly symbolise a rebirth of sorts, a point where she finally has full control of her life and her artistry. - Plus when she is married, she won't have the back and forth between Britney Spears and Britney Asghari. I think being just 'Britney' has a lot of logical and spiritual benefits to it.
  6. Kinda gutted I could only pick one... I won't go there. She would chew me up and spit me out choke I just hate the holier than thou, "Jesus is with me so I can say or do whatever" types. Absolute tosh! *spew* #CUNextTrialSuckers
  7. I picked up that something wasn't right during 'The Circus Starring...' Tour. In contrast, The Circus promo tour, Womanizer, Circus & If U Seek Amy music videos had me thinking this was serving her well. Please don't drag me for this because this is in NO way any sort of a dig at Britney whatsoever!! But as somebody her age and with the same absolute passion for dance that she has, as much as some fans say she killed it on the Circus Starring Tour, I lost a huge piece of my excitement for her as a fan watching the fan videos on YouTube. It wasn't just her energy being low on some performances, I could genuinely see her heart was not in it whatsoever. She was just scoring some of the moves, and it felt like she was in protest, and now it's clear as day why knowing what we know now. I never voiced these opinions on here because I thought the army would head on attack me, like I was just another hater, or 'not satisfied', or not a 'real fan'. I love this girl, I love her passion for music and dance as I have that in myself. She has given me energy and confidence to be the best version of myself in times when I've mostly felt I had to put on an alter-ego just to get through the noise. And as her light faded, I could feel mine fade too. Because that passion was dying. I felt that. And I think a lot of her fans can possibly relate to that too. Everything after that, For The Record, Femme Fatale Tour, Britney Jean, Piece Of Me, Domination, none of it felt right. I never trusted anything we were being told... but I also didn't have a clue what I could do to help, or if any help I gave would make any impact. I'm just really thankful to the people who got up and fought for her. And that 2022 will open every door that so many held shut. <3
  8. This is the PERFECT scenario. Her new conservator is somebody appointed by Rosengart, so for once they have the right side 'in control'. I would not be surprised if there were some sort of agreement that Zabel is there with the absolute understanding of helping end the conservatorship AFTER all documents are transferred to him so that Rosengart and his team can go through them with a fine tooth comb and press charges against all those that they are bound to now have evidence on. This. Is. HUGE!!! Once they have proved that this whole thing has been a charade to drug, 'traffic' and exploit Britney for her funds, that just adds more reasons for the conservatorship to be dissolved. #VINDICATEBRITNEY
  9. It makes you think, how on earth can people live with this sort of guilt?! I mean, with the exception of narcissists (because they are in a completely warped sense of reality, and they're programmed since childhood to always push the blame elsewhere), how is it that any sane person who has either been an instrumental part of all this dirt, or even merely known about the goings on can live with themselves?!! :| Nevermind people that are genuinely supposed to care about Britney because they are her family or friends :( I think the one GREAT thing Britney can take away from all of this is to truly be able to identify genuine, loving people like it's second nature. Fe, for example displays this persona in abundance! And I believe Sam does too. As will many others, not to mention a legion of fans. And when you have people in your life that offer compassion, empathy, love, support, loyalty etc, then you will naturally have the happiest life. And in the end, that's what she deserves more than most after all this x
  10. I think there's a number of reasons why nothing was done that day. To press charges, I think she would have to go to the police and have them open an investigation, her legal team would need solid evidence through a thorough investigation to get a conviction - not to say that doesn't exist, but ye, there's procedures. Also, pertaining to conservation laws etc, I'm doubtful Britney actually CAN press charges against anybody whilst she is still under the conservatorship (as a person, not financial) so once that is dissolved, then I can imagine she has every green light to go after all the people that wronged her, and with the testimonies and evidence that is sprouting up with each passing day, I think it's fair to say every one of those c#%ts are screwed. .....
  11. Ok, so a couple of months back, my hard drive decided to break and I lost everything, including all my Britney songs!! I've been able to find a lot of them again, and I've spent a while ripping my CDs and finding the rest online and renaming etc. - It's been so tedious!! I'm not asking for links because I know that goes against the forum rules, but there's a few that I'm unsure if they were ever leaked (??), so ye, if anybody is kind enough to let me know if any of these haven't, then that saves me a lot of time and effort trying to find them again... ''Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know'' (instrumental) 3:50 ''Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know'' (hex hector club instrumental) 10:12 ''I'm A Slave 4 U'' (thunderpuss club instrumental) 8:48 ''Anticipating'' (instrumental) 3:16 ''That's Where You Take Me'' (instrumental) 3:32 ''Outrageous'' (sugardip lunar mix radio edit) 3:26 ''Gimme More'' (seiji remix instrumental) 5:06 ''Piece Of Me'' (inflo 1st remix) 2:58 ''Break The Ice'' (manon dave remix - radio edit) 3:14 ''Break The Ice'' (jason nevins vs tempered dj's dub) 6:59 ''Scream & Shout'' (jump smokers edit) ?:?? ''Scream & Shout'' (jump smokers mix) ?:?? ''Scream & Shout'' (john dahlback mix) ?:?? ''Scream & Shout'' (cosmic dawn dub) ?:?? ''Scream & Shout'' (beat-a-pella) ?:?? ''It Should Be Easy'' (instrumental) 3:23 ''It Should Be Easy'' (westfunk remix) 4:17 ''It Should Be Easy'' (greg cerrone instrumental) 5:30 ''Tom's Diner'' (instrumental) 3:32 Also, have the full versions of these been available since their first leak?... ''Boys'' (riprock 'n' alex g remix) ?:?? ''Liar'' (bimbo jones remix) ?:?? Again, I'm not asking for links, please don't post them. It's just that if none of these are available, then I can dust my hands off and know I'm back to where I originally was unno
  12. This actually brought tears to my eyes :| You can only imagine how Britney herself is feeling now - the relief, the happiness, the sheer excitement of seeing an actual future of possibilities. It's been so long overdue for her! Whatever she ultimately decides regarding further legal proceedings against all those who abused their positions, I hope she leaves the bulk of this to Rosengart. The guy is not only a shark, but sounds like he genuinely has her best interests at heart too. This is her first taste of freedom in so, so long and I think it'd just be nice for her to revel in that for a little while, without the weight of what's to come. #BritneysFree <3
  13. If it was just adding one single, I would add: I Will Be There, Where Are You Now, Before The Goodbye, Breathe On Me, Toy Soldier, Unusual You, (Drop Dead) Beautiful, Til It’s Gone, Love Me Down respectively. If I could thought, I would have a complete do-over of her singles, and do something more like: ...baby one more time ...Baby One More Time – Born To Make You Happy – (You Drive Me) Crazy [the stop remix!] – I Will Be There Oops!...I did it again Oops!...I Did It Again – Lucky – Stronger – What U See (Is What You Get) [rami remix]/Where Are You Now (double a-side) Britney I’m A Slave 4 U – Overprotected – I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman – Boys [co-ed remix] – Before The Goodbye IN THE ZONE Me Against The Music – Toxic – Everytime – (I Got That) Boom Boom (USA/Asia) / Breathe On Me (Europe/S.America) Greatest hits: my prerogative My Prerogative – Do Somethin’ – Someday (I Will Understand) B IN THE MIX And Then We Kiss [junkie xl remix] – Touch Of My Hand [bill hamel radio mix] BLAcKOuT Gimme More – Piece Of Me – Radar – Break The Ice [remix - feat. Fabolous] CIRCUS Womanizer – Circus – Unusual You – If U Seek Amy – 3 (from 'Circus' re-release) Femme Fatale Hold It Against Me – Till The World Ends – I Wanna Go – (Drop Dead) Beautiful – Inside Out B IN THE MIX: Vol. 2 Scream & Shout [part II] Album would also include the likes of S&M [remix] and unreleased remixes of Singles and album tracks from Blackout to Femme Fatale (akin to B In The Mix: Vol. 1) Britney Jean Work B***h – ‘Til It’s Gone – Alien GREATEST HITS 2: PIECES OF ME Pretty Girls – Tom's Diner Glory Make Me... – Love Me Down – Just Luv Me – Slumber Party [remix]
  14. Don't get me wrong, I loved how much she brought it in some of her POM shows and like most, extremely proud of how she is bouncing back from her darkest hours. And as a show, I think POM is a really strong set with some decent remixes. I think what I meant by Primeney was to go and watch her when she REALLY enjoys it again. When the performer attitude is back with pure passion as opposed to "this is the job I have to do", most of which presumably can be put down to her situation with the conservatorship.
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