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  1. Don't get me wrong, I loved how much she brought it in some of her POM shows and like most, extremely proud of how she is bouncing back from her darkest hours. And as a show, I think POM is a really strong set with some decent remixes. I think what I meant by Primeney was to go and watch her when she REALLY enjoys it again. When the performer attitude is back with pure passion as opposed to "this is the job I have to do", most of which presumably can be put down to her situation with the conservatorship.
  2. Had the chance to go to her Piece Of Me tour but turned it down. I've never seen her live (as of yet), but with growing up with her music since day dot, I want at least a hint of Primeney if I'm gonna throw serious dollar that way. I also think Blackout is extremely overrated by the fandom. Don't get me wrong, there's a few genius moments in there like the now iconic "It's Britney *****", and some of the beats are slick af, but I find a lot of the album lacks the real punch for any decent choreography or the pure atmospheric sensuality, both of which are vitally synonymous with a Britney song... not to mention the near-zero promo and basic videos that came from that era. I just found it underwhelming.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unreleased_songs_recorded_by_Britney_Spears That's a fairly comprehensive list for ya, although it doesn't denote some which have leaked, majority are known when you see their names
  4. Going by the alleged singles in this topic thus far... Anticipating - This is 100% a single. It had a physical release. Enough said. That's Where You Take Me - I'm on the fence with this one as very little is known other than what is recorded on discogs, I've never seen a physical copy anywhere, so I'm highly dubious if it exists. I have seen the very LQ video for it though so I'm under the impression that maybe it was considered to be an Asian promo release to coincide with a full Asian leg of the DWAD tour and plans were scrapped before even promo CDs were made. Unusual You - Absolutely fake. There's never been a physical copy available to buy anywhere. The artwork is shoddy at best (for example, the linear notes on the 2-track 'single' on Discogs has "Written by" multiple times in places it never would be used and the silhouette picture on the insert is pixelated more than Minecraft). This would have been all brought about because a lot of fans desperately wanted Unusual You as Circus' fourth single, especially when they felt cheated by getting Radar instead. Also, it charted in Australia as Shattered Glass, Kill The Lights etc charted alone too as they would have been bought or streamed as a separate entity rather than the entire Circus album. Nothing more. It Should Be Easy - Remixes were commissioned for this, Alien and Tik Tik Boom, as all three were considered for future singles from Britney Jean. Britney wasn't going to promote them the 'conventional way' because her time was filled up with the residency. Certain DJs would have had access to these remixes to test the waters to see if one or more gained traction. They didn't, so no more money was invested into the project. Ergo, It Should Be Easy would only be deemed as a planned single, in the same vein as the aforementioned two others. Mood Ring (By Demand) - This was a gift to the fans, but in the same breath it was delivered akin to how Slumber Party was (minus a video). Could easily be fairly considered as Glory's third single. Swimming In The Stars - At this moment in time, it is a limited edition promotional tactic exclusive to one website. As it stands, this is not a single whatsoever.
  5. I do think a couple of the leaked songs that some fans attribute to those sessions were early demos as it is with most album productions, just on a much lower budget and a more limited writing camp because she went 'rogue' and didn't have the connects, which I think is slightly evident with the Kiis interview. Britney was probably overtly passionate talking about this project in the bubble of her dancers, Kevin and her band etc on the Onyx Hotel tour, and in that vibe, her confidence to create such a project on her own backing grew more legs than it ever would have done in the offices. Therein lies the conflict of interests. Jive would have felt insulted by this and shelved it ASAP to show their might...which was either the catalyst or the tipping point to sadly start her breakdown. (This might also be another reason why she has never addressed the breakdown publicly, because it might personally insult someone higher up in the industry who may still have some pull over her career?). I think a lot of the mystique was over-hyped by fans and still is today, but I can understand the 'craving' to hear more about it because not only was this a 'personal' record, but it was also a rebellious one, and the closest we've seen of her rebellious side in music is Blackout which has a huge status within her fanbase. Whether she would have had commercial success is highly debatable because not only do we not have any proof of which songs were recorded for it, we also have no idea which would have been serious contenders and what would have been left on the cutting room floor. Maybe 10, 20 years from now, we might hear from the (radar) horses mouth in a book or interview, who knows. But as a fan since day dot, good or bad - it's all subjective. I'd just like to hear the songs one day.
  6. Somewhat of a dark story here :/ ... I'm a few months older than Britney and was going through a low point in life, lost all direction to be honest - was bullied from every direction in high school so dropped out of sixth form, hid from the world, literally. Sort of lived in a den/makeshift bedroom I made in a gutted out 2 wheeled caravan where the few mates that I grew up with could smoke (family home is a non smoking one), and from there fell into drugs... But there'd be times late at night (in Jan '99 - we got her a little later here in the UK), I'd be in my own dream world, writing songs, watching The Box, and the BOMT video would always be on... So the little entertainer in me would be imitating the dance in there, knocking my knuckles on the old overhead cupboards that I probably should have removed cos damn, that **** hurt! haha Over the next few months I got more and more into dance again, got off the drugs and went to a performing arts school that September. I never really connected the two until self reflecting right now, but I'm guessing that's why I became a fan - Her work ethic and passion for music and dance reignited that in myself... I'm no crazed stan by any means, I'm not blinded to the fact that the woman has made wrong turns like the rest of us. But from where it all started, I do feel somewhat indebted to her and with that, I'll probably always be a fan.
  7. BOMT Born To Make You Happy OIDIA Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know What U See (Is What U Get) BRITNEY Overprotected Right Now (Taste The Victory) ITZ Outrageous Strangest Love GH:MP/C/BITM My Prerogative Someday (I Will Understand) And Then We Kiss BLACKOUT Radar Toy Soldier CIRCUS Out From Under Unusual You FF Hold It Against Me Criminal BJ Til It’s Gone GLORY Love Me Down Just Luv Me
  8. Not gonna lie, this tweet just gave me a cliffy. Hope he delivers on this as I proper love so many of his tour remixes. Most looking forward to: TCSBS: Circus, Get Naked, BOMT, Womanizer FFT: If U Seek Amy, IAS4U, Womanizer POM: Womanizer (ye, again), BOMT/OIDIA, Break The Ice, IAS4U, Lucky, Toxic, S/(YDM)C, TOMH Praying to all my gods that this happens!
  9. As far as I'm aware, it was exclusively released in France, possibly because a few French DJs made remixes that were originally planned to make it onto the tracklist?? All of which sounded unfinished. Maybe that's why they were scrapped and the Overprotected & INAGNYAW remixes were bundled on there. As for the video, it never aired in the UK to my knowledge. We'd need some old school French fans to clarify if it aired on French MTV. I always wondered if the music video had the official audio dubbed over the Vegas DWAD performance or if they left it as it was.
  10. (You Drive Me) Crazy Overprotected Right Now (Taste The Victory) Kill The Lights Strangest Love Touch Of My Hand Everytime Radar (bonus track)
  11. It was most likely stipulated by those who hold the publishing rights of the song that it must never be performed live. As stupid as that may seem in contrast to ILRNR, Satisfaction etc, whoever holds the rights can make whatever demands they like, within reason. When artists cover work, the copyright holders can offer as much or as little in regards to reproduction, distribution, performing or samples and interpolations pertaining to the original work. And if the terms of the contract is violated, then that is a breach of copyright law and she/her team/BMG are liable, and would be taken to court for at least a six figure sum. Take for example Des'ree's "Kissing You". when Beyoncé wanted to cover it, two of the conditions that were publicised since were that the title was not altered, and she mustn't publish the song in video form. Since she changed the name to "Still In Love (Kissing You)", and initially released an accompanying video on the B'Day DVD, the terms of the agreement were violated and she was forced to recall all unsold copies and change the tracklist.
  12. I don't know what's more irritable... It's tweets? It's blatant acts of desperation? Or it's face?
  13. Because it's reported that Liar was recorded roughly around the same time as Pretty Girls. If there was going to be a hypothetical re-release, the proposed era would run into that allotted time frame.
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