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Found 7 results

  1. Hey Exhalers, This time, I took some inspiration from Mario Testino's 2016 stunning photoshoot of the V Magazine cover. I decided to go with the black and white theme due to the sentence - "My life is black and white, I'd pay any price for just one night together". I combined the red color to symbolize love and forbidden desire - all the feelings she brings up in the song. This cover simplifies the hopeless exaholic praying for her lover to save her from her longings for him. PS - @Exhaolic this is for you đŸŒč Do you like the demo? Do you agree with the design choices? Let me know your thoughts Credit: Mitchel Remix Credit: TRIPLEWAIKWOK Credit: Trace Adam
  2. Hey Exhalers, How's everyone doing? First, I must say that I am super proud of Britney, her strength, and her courage. Brit, release as many audio notes as you want. I'm here for it! It's heartwarming to listen to her voice and thoughts after all these years. Second, Hold Me Closer is doing so well and I am thrilled about it It's been a while since I posted, so here I go... This time I decided to stick with the original artwork Elton posted. I admit the single cover was too simple when I first saw it, and after a few days, I fell in love with its simplicity. I wish we could have a vinyl release for this flawless jam. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy my design Which front cover is your favorite? Let me know your thoughts. Credit: Vinni Zone. DON'T FORGET TO STREAM IT! Credit: mxxnlight 3 Credit: DJ Dark Intensity Credit: @Trace
  3. Hey Blinks, Like many of you, I was thrilled to hear new material (kind of) from BLACKPINK, although it was a song that leaked two years ago. I bet we'll take anything, aren't we? Usually, I stick with Britney's artworks, but I decided to shake things up a little bit. I created the artwork (back and front cover) for the song (not so original) by using the PUBG promotional posters. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the design in the comments. Also, do you link the official version of the song? Oh, and have you listened to the extended version of the song where is Lisa doing the outro? "Ready For Love" with Lisa's outro (Credit SEMOON):
  4. Hey Exhalers, Have you ever wondered if Britney will decide to release one of her IG skits as a single? That would be interesting. Don't you think? One thread that I saw here got me inspired to create an artwork. It was one of her 'Ashley' skits (Therapy Questions) that evolved into a brilliant remix by CØULTHARD. I took one of her IG photos from her runway costume fashion show and created a pop-art design with sassy and sarcastic vibes. How would you imagine the music video for the song? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the design Credit: CØULTHARD
  5. Hey Exhalers! Are there any fans in the crowd of "Where Are You Now"? I hope so. I heard over the years that this track was the underrated one from the "Oops" album. Am I right? Therefore, I decided to treat it with proper artwork for the single. I created a mix of "Stronger" (the same photographer aka Nigel Parry) and "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know" (font). I chose a black and white color due to the song's vibes. Britney's left with a rose or a flower from her lover after he ran away, and on the bottom line - Life is colorless without love. How would you imagine the music video of the song? Is it a fan favorite after all? Let me know in the comments. PS - I'm working on more designs (due to your demand), and I must admit that you gave me so many ideas with your reactions. Also, I appreciate you all for taking the time to left a comment or react to my designs. It means a lot!
  6. Hey Exahlers, So just like many of you, I saw the iconic IG post of Britney doing her laundry at her new house and surprising us with a naughty version of "...Baby One More Time". I heard the epic Markim Remix with the raw vocals! Then I was inspired to design proper artwork. I used the timeless photoshoot of Rolling Stone magazine taken by David Lachapelle. I chose this specific photo due to "Hit Me Baby" (aka call me) and some messy effects and filters. Would you like an explicit re-release of "...Baby One More Time" in 2022? Similar to what Taylor Swift and JoJo did. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the design Remix credit: Markim
  7. ‘Renaissance’ illustration by the super talented Hayden Williams. 👑
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