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Selena Gomez + Lizzo Break Down Over 'Mean' Social Media Comments ... Do you think Britney will address the mean IG comments like they have?

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While I get that Selena's weight gain Is something she has a very little to no control of, I don't clearly understand her & Lizzo's comments. 

1. How come you're crying about bad "fat" comments? Someone once said, a ship won't sink if water cannot get inside. -> If one acknowledges those comments on a level that those words hurts them, it means the receiver is buying into their haters' ideas. 

2. Lizzo made her body her signature. I don't recall Adele rely on her body. She did her music & that was it. Lizzo does her music, however, what i see more, is her talking about her body / showing off her body / getting her body into a tiny costume etc. Don't come back crying that people comment on that.

3. As for racism & phobias of any kind, as much as I don't do it & don't agree with it, no one can control others & their opinions. It's people's right to have an opinion. It's receiver's job to either get overwhelmed by it or acknowledging that given opinion Is not true for them & simply pay no mind to it.

Simple as that.

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38 minutes ago, Flavor Of Love said:

@Lola2790 I love you, but it's NOT BRITNEY RELATED thread :lessons_preaching_telling_hand_smack:

I was bored and as Britney once said "just do it baby"



Music video for the new Britney Spears leak. This **** is amazing! :PClick here to listen it on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/imtoxic/briBritney even...





EDIT: Apparently she reacted to this :makeitrain_britney_blush_headphones_omg_wow_happy:


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These type of unimportant crap is their new products.

western positivism is kinda fake.

if people don’t like you then, ignore them. Why would you choose 2 bad comments out if all 8 ones. I mean it’s not like she’s obese or something. She’s acting like a mean girl exposing her nemesis because they told her greek statue esque figure look bad because she gained 0.1 pounds. 
Britney actually told something true about this girl. She made a speech about body sacrecy, not to post picture of women on social media, there are other way bla bla bla. But she also had them. So hypocritical.

and whenever she try to advocate for something, my eyes will roll up from my face to the sky.:teigen_chrissy_eek_awkward_um_cringe:

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