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Being a Britney fan is hard.

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2 minutes ago, Jelly Spears said:

There is nothing wrong with her public image.  The general public have proved since 1998 that there will be hate for her.  It doesn't matter if she is cookie cutter clean, a virgin who wants to wait for marriage, or spinning around on instagram.  

We've all had that friend growing up, maybe in Junior High or High School that was painted as the rebel, teachers and parents alike wanted you to avoid them for whatever reason.  Typically it was something stupid like the way they dressed or how they spoke.  But you continue to hang out with them in private because they're actually really nice, down to earth who is not trouble at all.  

Not that I know Britney personally.  But we have heard so many accounts of how sweet, humble and caring she is.  Even this supposed Jack in the Box employee said she was sweet.  

I guess the point is.  If you enjoy Britney's music, videos, performances, etc. Continue.  Don't let other people dictate the type of person she is  because of some instagrams posts. 


Thank you for this comment! I really do enjoy Britney and I will continue to be a big fan I'll just ignore her instagram..

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the GP has always unfairly judged britney. what was once "she's too ****! a bad role model for our kids!" is now "she's so mean on instagram! why is she doing ___ it's sooo weird!" same complaints, different content. you don't have to defend her to people who aren't going to understand, or want to understand. love and support her because it's what you want to do! and if you don't want to anymore, that's ok too! 

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I know how you feel and they will probably only answer things like "get out of here if you're not her fan" but I know what it feels like to be a fan of someone and to defend her in any situation but it hurts that she sabotages herself,

Britney is clearly someone struggling with their day-to-day traumas and their psychological stability, like everyone else, but as a fan it's natural that these issues end up affecting your own psychological stability and it's anecdotal that these issues are censored here and that we can't talk about mental health.

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You’re too invested probably, just take a break and take care of yourself; we shouldn’t be as invested in someone’s personal life.

The level of attention we gave her during the free Britney movement should not be maintained; it’s not healthy.

Know she’s going through a lot and kinda support her but also kinda ignore her a little bit, I know it sounds weird but just take things more lightly.

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I feel that. I don't think ill ever stop loving what she did as a pop icon but she has gone so far from what she represented in the past that it is too difficult to not be constantly critical. Some will say "but the conservatorship broke her bla bla" and "true fans are there no matter what" but the reallity is she no longer represents the values she once did. I'm sorry but there is no excuse for shaming and being a ***** all the time.

It's sad cause the only reason i visit this forum is because of her, and i've been here since the beginning. 

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