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Britney Army VS Fighters: "Sorry not sorry, but Britney Spears is exactly what she sings, TOXIC! Enough already!" - Tweet causing BIG drama between fandom ! WAR like 2000s again !!

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13 hours ago, britneybits2022 said:

You know that's all just jealousy right? Xtina is creating and writing her own music, where shes proud of. I think she doesn't care for charts anymore. I dont know if she ever did tbh, she always did her own thing since Stripped. Xtina gained a lot of respect over the years for her voice and artistry. She has a stable private life and she looks ******* amazing (even though its a lot of make up and fillers). Britney is not respected at all, just for her dancing 20 years ago and her music (that she mostly even didnt make or write). Plus her life is a mess. She doesnt see her children, parents, sister/brother, has no friends. Not trying to hate on Britney here, but I'm tired of the disrepect towards other popstars, when Britney obviously is the one losing here. I will always be rooting for her, but she def needs to work on herself. 

You couldn't have said it better!!! :nyschool_new_york_miss_tiffany_pollard_preaching_telling_talking_hand:
Totally agree on all the points you quoted.
I love Britney but it's the sad truth.
She has lost all respect, her personal problems have tarnished her legacy, many people think she is crazy, others see her as a joke and only a few (mostly pop fans) see her as an Icon.
She was never a spokesperson for any movement, her music and lyrics were never about empowerment, her greatest hits are songs made for the club, having fun and not thinking so much. It is very sad that she has never been able or wanted to express the real Britney in her music and turn it into art.


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