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Do you miss Britney the artist?

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I know I do! 

Imagine if the conservatorship never happened and she was able to be married years earlier and would have had ten kids if she wanted, she definitely would more than likely have a passion for music and performing. She would probably still be making music and performing if it wasn't for the amount of ABUSE and HUMAN TRAFFICKING she went through. 

It's so sad that Team Con stole that away from her ... 😭 We will never forgive Team Con for doing that to her. Nothing worse than being robbed of your passions due to traumas that are hard to process and get over with so easily 

Do you miss Britney the artist? 


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I miss Britney the artist so very much. But as long as Britney the person is happy, then that’s what really matters. I truly hope one day she comes back with her vision as an artist. But for now, I will continue to celebrate her freedom and support her as she rediscovers herself. 

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1 minute ago, brymo said:

Britney might still be doing her thing and making the art she wants but not sharing publicly. She should focus on hobbies and doing what she loves creatively. She's a creative person, and she'll figure it out. Whether it's in public or not is another question...

True. I like to believe she still enjoys creating art, whether it’s through music or painting or dancing. She has so much more to offer than just twirling on IG, but maybe for now that’s all she’s willing to share. And that’s fair. If that makes her happy, I say twirl on.Kenya Moore Reality Tv GIF by Real housewives of Atlanta

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