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Britney Reportedly 'Taking Her Time' Releasing Elton Duet

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The fact that there isn't an official date of release yet, makes me fear that this could be true! Cause let's be real, the sources (Elton & Britney) announced the song, but as a matter of fact, they never said when it's gonna be out... The rest are all rumors :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know:

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This could have meant that a while ago she wasn’t ready and maybe this is the week she is. It doesn’t give any time frame that this stuff was said. Could also be more of a surprise drop type of thing and that is why they are not talking about it much or giving a release date. I would not lose hope yet. If not Friday, it’s definitely coming soon and at least we know it’s incredible. 

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Honestly, if true, I respect this very much. Putting effort into her craft and knowing what a big deal she is and the song will be! But also, if she is in fact this invested, then why is she only credited as just a performer? Give credit where credit is due.

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They also noted that Elton was able to provide her the support and comfort she needed to break out of her shell. “She felt like she was rusty when they started recording, but it came back to her naturally and Elton helped to bring out her best and it is possibly the best she has ever sounded,” they noted. 

But on other news articles it said that Elton and Britney recorded their vocals separately. I wonder which one is right. Also how much personal contact (face 2 face and not through calls / zoom) they really had.🤔

I need an updated picture of them together 😍😍


Btw I don't think I'll survive this if there isn't going to be a august 19th release 🥀⚰️💀

But the ***** is right. She should take her time and release it when she's 100000% behind it 🧡 even though it already slays apparently 

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1 hour ago, jamesedward94 said:

Honestly, I still think it could be coming Friday since there’s already a pre-save link and they’ve posted about it. Would seem like she’s ready. It’s definitely a great sign that she got so much control and everyone thinks it’s so great.

The hype is REAL.

I'm going to hold on to that thought


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