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Antphrodite Does Explosive Britney Reading

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3 minutes ago, GirlOnTheMoon said:

It’s so funny that these eXpLoSiVe readings always happen after a major event and after we have a little of background information. They never happen before lol.

They take common human issues people have in most relationships and apply existing information to their tarot reading and call it a prediction :cigney_britney_smoking_smoke_lit_light_2007_fur_cigarette:

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He also said the boys do want to be with her, and that they're embarrassed yeah, but just like normal teenagers embarrassed of their parents.

He says Jayden is a momma's boy, and he just looks up to her, and like he just wants a hug from her. And that Preston might be hurt about things like, Britney missing an important event or something, but he doesn't know she didn't make it because she was not allowed to.

He also started saying like Britney might've done things that now Kevin is using as ammunition against her, but it's like, she did it accidentally just as part of her rebellious nature. Also there's something about Victoria, that's her name? and the distinction she makes between her children and Britney's / Kevin's. She doesn't like Britney,

And I don't know why I'm going backwards from end to beginning lol I'll let OP do the summary 

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He said towards the end that this song is just her dipping her toe back into the water but she will have an album full of bangers and might pull a Beyoncé and have like a visual album and that she starts a fashion or TikTok trend 

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