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Can we report this for hate speech? Shallon Lester calls Britney 'drag queen coyote''

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2 minutes ago, FreeBritBrit said:


Idk but the amount of insults thrown at Britney, she deserves to be reported. And she's also claiming Rosengart doesn't know how to write proper cease and desist

Then she goes off to ''explain'' why...

Disgusting... Also, I reported her *** :queenflopga_pink_sass_walking_away_bye:

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13 minutes ago, Tear the floor up up said:

This woman thrives off negative attention. The best thing you can do is not click the video / share links. She should be banned on this forum imo from the things she has done and said (not just about Britney)

She has hundreds of thousands of subs. Individuals like her (when you combine all their s.hit together) do damage to Britney's image to certain audiences. I think she should be mass reported so she gets at least 1 you tube strike, she should be censored and by time- her channel should be shut down.

Freedom of speech bla bla, but this is just pure evil. Her claims are disgusting, offensive, rude. She shouldn't have a platform. Along Ben Shapiro who's openly Team Con (for example).

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