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  1. This is what I assumed too. Me and my sister were watching early 00s Youtube clips on on a projector (I was out of the loop at the time), and it autoplayed into the circus tour.... I remember the feeling- the contrast with where she's so at home on the stage in the earlier videos- it felt weird to even watch tbh. But what stuck out was how uncomfortable she looked on stage and skinny she looked. This was before knowing the Ronan Farrow piece about how Jamie was abusive about her weight... And then in FTR where Jamie is crying because she looks so pretty... like Fe said the whole thing is ICKY. This part of the testimony is so important to remember.
  2. Isn't this appearance final chapter of the conservatorship era? Once it came to the domination announcement, the wheels were firmly off the machine
  3. how britney fans have encyclopaedic memories but don’t understand there are multiple dogs of the same breed
  4. i’m really like… so for some of you it ends with Britney when it comes to acknowledging obvious and public abuse? 🤡
  5. Xtina's was obviously just choosing a random gender neutral name, if Britney actually clapped back without talking to Christina privately that would be soooooooo funny but also so wrong
  6. To be fair that song is brilliant and weird. Also she wrote on it? The team con music was more the Dr. Luke bland fest stuff. You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti?You want a Maserati? You better work, *****You want a Lamborghini? Sippin' martinis?Look hot in a bikini? You better work, *****You wanna live fancy? Live in a big mansion?Party in France? Although.... she couldn't drive her car, she couldn't drink and she couldn't go to France...
  7. i cant waiiiit for her to be out of that house. i think she’ll be so much better off and fresher in a new place
  8. She's allowed to own her naked body in a way that's not designed to sell something.
  9. Because they've been weaponized against her for 13 years? Conservators are for comatose patients- it is irrelevant what any doctor has to say about her mental health. She absolutely should absolutely refuse to participate in this system- she's been forcibly medicated and emotionally abused for over a decade, and you think it's fair leaving requires you to have a perfect bill of health? It's impossible. A categorical no.
  10. Well like... yeah why would he comment anything to these vultures no?
  11. I don't like the tone of this either... they're towing the line, but the joke is still "bet she karate kicks someone at Walmart on day 2 XD". I can see this humor could turn sour if the public appetite goes from building someone up to tearing them down
  12. I think Michael Jackson, Whitney, Tina Turner - all just insane insane lives, for good or bad.
  13. I mean- it's not the same world. Taylor Swift and Adele can disappear entirely. How often do you see Beyonce in a way that's out of her control? Kylie Jenner hid an entire pregnancy. These are the most famous women of today's world, and can easily avoid the paparazzi. Plus, Britney wont be tied to LA in the same way as when the kids were babies. She'll be fine.
  14. Aw I hope we get to see her inspired by fashion again :( <3 It's so depressing she doesn't have access to cool clothes- not that I don't love her target chic. Her style was always so iconic, even when it was mess. Also makes my skin crawl that her Dad was picking her outfits, so happy for that to end.
  15. The silver pants top advertising look felt so referential to Britney's pepsi era, I loved it!
  16. For me... I don't think I ever bought into the recovery. It never felt or seemed honest. But her now is truly inspiring to me. It's not just someone who got through a hard time- this is someone who's endured genuine nightmare level imprisonment in plain sight for 13 years, and through it all never lost hope. If Britney could hold on through 2008 to 2021, I can hold on through today. yknow?
  17. I thought this was new and nearly had a heart attack
  18. Britney is an incredible artist and an incredible person. She's also been extremely traumatised and abused for the majority of adult life. She was obviously robbed of dreams and career in her prime- but she was also robbed of her life, her safety, her autonomy. It would years to regain yourself after what's she's endured- rebuilding her career is not a priority. Success for Britney is survival- not Coachella or the Superbowl.
  19. Not one of these songs have any impact whatsoever, at the very best Dynamite will live on represent this weird era. The idea of it matching Teenage Dream is a joke
  20. This does make so much sense. And even though she is 100% writing these she def isn't directly publishing these. Like, she's definitely not typing this out on the instagram app
  21. The caption is so hard to read unformatted omg... but her posts honestly take about 4 readings to decipher and even then... lol. it's interesting because they're actually such complex thoughts? So much information while also being so mysterious. Like the cinderalla metaphor, the ballgame/stadium metaphor all of the information is so strangely encoded, I love it. Either way this is a f-ing smart person. I love her. Like the way it combines a simple but symbolic story about her shoes to talk about her access to her money and the denial of basic things- but then combines the new shoes with her freedom and ability to dance- and it's also referenced by the song choice- and then it get's extended to a Cinderella reference at the end? I think there's a reason why her work always resonates, and that's always been her key ability to express things through imagery. Always straight forward but coherent. I think that's also why people get obsessed with her, because everything is behind one layer of imagery so it pulls you in to unravel- I mean going back to the meanings behind Everytime/Lucky/Gimme More etc.... these captions are really her new outlet
  22. Girl you didnt even get the bottom of your own post without bullying
  23. God there is actually no end to the people who cannot keep her name out of their mouth
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