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FBI agent confirms Britney had her bedroom and phone monitored, Jamie could go to jail

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10 hours ago, Paxton said:

Hey guys!! I don't know if any of you had the opportunity to watch the LIVE video from Thatsurprisewitness on IG - but she was going through the reports filed by the former FBI agent who was doing the forensic accounting - my mind is BLOWN! First of all thanks to BJ for everything and going through the document with us! I am sure that she feels validated knowing that the former agent found what she found over a year ago! - That the majority of Britneys earnings were going to Stonebridge!!! (Allegedly, of course). 

What absolutely blew my mind was the astronomical amount of money that was spent on LEGAL FEES by Jamie Spears from the conservatorship. If I remember correctly it was THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS - which was spent to control the narrative and ultimately (allegedly) keep Britney in the conservatorship by controlling what the public knew.  - - Which raises the question - how can it be stated that Britney is worth 60M but yet there is justifiable cause to spent HALF that on legal fee's? Which leads me to believe that she is, indeed, worth much much MUCH more than what has been claimed for over a decade. 

There was so much DIRTY LAUNDRY exposed in that document - I highly recommend checking out her IG and YT channels (thatsurprisewitness) it is such a shame what happened to Britney. I cant even begin to cover everything in the letter let alone understand their greed and disgusting actions.  

Hoping that Britney gets the justice that she so desperately deserves.

Peace and Love! 

I remember in 2007/2008 I read her net and worth was close to 300 million..Britney should have a net worth of close to a billion by now. She’s arguably the biggest star in the world. Invested in so much product, properties, businesses. Her family basically rendered her broke

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19 hours ago, dora pora said:

I don't understand. She's a former agent. How would she know and where is the actual current FBI?

i'm assuming she's a contact of matthew's, here's her google info:

Sherine Ebadi is an associate managing director in the Forensic Investigations and Intelligence practice of Kroll, based in the Los Angeles office.

Sherine works with clients to build bespoke, solution-driven engagements. She actively manages investigative teams by directing case strategy, conducting critical and sensitive interviews, analyzing results of data analytics research and forensic accounting to drive investigative leads, preparing client reports, and testifying as an expert witness. Sherine testified several times in U.S. Federal Court on issues involving fraud and financial crimes.

Sherine joins Kroll from the FBI where she worked as a fraud and financial investigations specialist on a complex financial crimes/public corruption squad for over 10 years. Sherine is an expert in interviewing and has provided training to both law enforcement and private sector professionals on investigative techniques. As the lead case agent during Paul Manafort’s investigation and trial in the Eastern District of Virginia, Sherine led a team of agents and support personnel from the FBI, the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the U.S. Department of Justice. Before joining the FBI, Sherine was a senior specialist investigator at United States Information Services (USIS) where she served as a team lead and training investigator. She has also worked with several non-governmental organizations across the Czech Republic, Bosnia, India and Turkey.

Sherine’s casework includes successfully investigating and helping prosecute several high-profile cases involving complex financial crimes, money laundering, securities fraud, public corruption, organized crime and asset forfeiture. Sherine’s notable cases include Gulfstream Corporation CFO’s $20+ million (mn) embezzlement, Jeff Yohai’s $20+ mn investment/bank fraud/identity theft, a $100 mn international bank fraud/money laundering, a $20 mn international securities fraud, and a $10 mn bank fraud/money laundering/identity theft perpetrated by international organized crime groups.

Sherine has regularly worked in conjunction with state, local, federal and international law enforcement partners and regulatory bodies; coordinated with anti-money laundering/Bank Secrecy Act and compliance personnel in several major financial institutions; and assisted forensic accountants and asset forfeiture specialists in reviewing voluminous financial records and in locating and seizing assets.

She has received numerous notable honors, including the FBI Medal of Excellence, FBI Excellent Performance Award and U.S. Attorney’s Award.

Sherine received a B.A. in history (magna *** laude) from the University of California, San Diego. She is fluent in both English and Turkish. 

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10 hours ago, Tar_isa said:

The 100 billion is what the perfume line made, not what Britney made.

She only made a small percentage of that, which would still be in the hundreds of millions of dollars and that's still a whole lot of money for these people to leave out of the court docs, don't get me wrong...

I believe that number is not accurate and her brother is an idiot. $100 million or a few hundred million MAYBE... Not 100 billion it's not possible guys.. Just saying this is definitely FALSE information. 

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12 hours ago, rennen2.0 said:

One of the first things that jumped out at me was Jamie selling land that Britney purchased in 2002 to Laura Lynn and her husband in 2016 at a loss of almost $300k to the estate. It's the first confirmation we've had that other family members, not immediate, benefited in one way or another. 

Surely land in Louisiana isn't depreciating at rates such as that?! 

land rarely, if even, depreciates in value

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4 minutes ago, blissfuloutsider said:

I believe that number is not accurate and her brother is an idiot. $100 million or a few hundred million MAYBE... Not 100 billion it's not possible guys.. Just saying this is definitely FALSE information. 

Yeah…like, $100billion would mean it has raked in sales of $6billion a year or more since 2005….to put that into context, Elizabeth Arden, which sells the fragrances, had gross revenue of $900 million or so last year…


hillbilly math is weird.

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12 hours ago, generation glory said:

In case you don’t know… Google ‘RICO Act’.

ETA- While ur at it google ‘Michael Sands Britney Spears’

Sands claimed the theft is on a grand scale, involving racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering, and that the theft occurred prior to the conservatorship taking place and continues still.

Source: https://www.mtv.com/news/1582277/britney-spears-has-been-robbed-her-self-proclaimed-lawyer-insists/

Michael Sands worked for Kevin Federline’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan to smear Britney, take her kids away. This entire thing is a collaborative effort involving Britney’s family, management, KFed, MVK, TMZ, LAPD, CA Probate court, publicist, shady medical team, rogue security team, attorneys, a corrupt conservatorship (judges) and the media to destroy Britney the woman and muddy her public image to sway opinion of the public against her so unsavory individuals can control her and profit from her.

I just googled it and the RICO ACT was originally introduced to prosecute the mafia. Well all that's going down, it's basically some hollywood underground mafia scheme if you ask me

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5 hours ago, blissfuloutsider said:

I believe that number is not accurate and her brother is an idiot. $100 million or a few hundred million MAYBE... Not 100 billion it's not possible guys.. Just saying this is definitely FALSE information. 

I don't know. Could be, but the guy that was interviewing him made a point of asking him again in case it was a mistake, "100 billion, with a b? are you sure?" and he said yeah, with a b. Plus, I saw somewhere someone made a rough calculation based on sales and said it was possible. 

But either way, it's lots and lots and lots of money

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8 hours ago, BrittonJeanSpears said:

This is such a disgusting piece of news. With how completely repulsive Jamie has revealed himself to be, I would not be shocked whatsoever if it came out that he listened to Britney being... intimate with her boyfriends.

Of course.And to herself.EVERYTHING she did in her bedroom. I would not be surprised if she was monitored in the whole house and land. Especially in the bathroom, when she was taking a shower etc. Maybe they filmed her as well. In her garden, there are a lot of cameras and there is a guy who controlled them for twenty-four hours.

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On 1/19/2022 at 3:01 AM, dora pora said:

I don't understand. She's a former agent. How would she know and where is the actual current FBI?

Former FBI agent or not, they all go through intensive training, so she’s credible. Let’s remember not long ago, we had a president who had the head of FBI fired and than placed with someone else. Or did we forget that? 

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