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Did Britney buy Bored Ape #7202 for 70 ETH ($261,048.20)?

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Someone with the username 'AlottaWarmHeart' has been purchasing NFTs on OpenSea as of late. They bought Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) #7202 for 70 ETH ($261,048.20). They have also bought the domain 'britneyjeanspears.eth'. I think it's safe to say that it is indeed Britney, probably with the help of her sons. Britney loves art, so I hope in the future she puts out her own collection of NFTs. 

Spend your money Britney!

spacer.png  spacer.pngNFT-brit.jpg.108130c0d43faba357e9721b2e672b06.jpg

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Britney going from needing permission for a $5 coffee purchase, to casually spending $200k on a .jpg

Queen of knowing damn well who earned her fortune and how she wants to spend it! :rihannayas_weave_pull_cocky_smirk_proud:

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44 minutes ago, holiday89 said:

Britney has used the AlottaWarmHeart alias before. Why would a fan spend $200,000 on an NFT pretending to be Britney?

tbh there's fans that have paid for multiple M&G's, talking more than 10, that plus the ticket shows, hotel room, flights, etc is a lot of money, so it's not that farfetched to believe there's someone willing to spend that much pretending to be Britney. 

That said, the britneyjeanspears.eth "collection" whatever that means, appears "Verified", whatever that means too




This collection is verified.

In most cases, OpenSea verifies a collection when there is either uncommonly high traction around the project or it represents a well-known public brand. Projects with verified accounts on Instagram or Twitter are good candidates for this designation, but will not necessarily be verified by OpenSea.

We no longer allow projects to request verification, but instead make this designation at our sole discretion.

You should always do your own research, proceed with caution, and be certain that the contract address of the project is exactly what you expect, even when you're buying an asset on a verified collection.

This token was minted on the smart contract at the address below:



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