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Californians: Larry Elder Or Gavin Newsom?

Larry Elder Or Gavin Newsom  

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Can’t stand a ‘**** Newsom’ *****. He handled the pandemic as best as he could and the people who bash or ‘loathe’ him are just a bunch of loud, moronic Republicans who don’t want to believe in science. Look, I’m moderate and by no means a hardcore liberal but this whole recall was simply a ploy for moronic Republicans to be heard. They had no chance yet were fueled by hate, and mostly hate, to campaign against something that had no proper reasoning. It’s no wonder all the booming counties fueled by economic power and education voted majority ‘no’ on the recall whereas the farmland counties of California where the cows outnumber the humans voted majority ‘yes’. I mean that should answer your question. :oprah_well_there_you_have_it_proof_see_hand: And as far as the housing crisis in California goes, he recently signed a bill to help boost housing supply yet leave it to the radicals to think that a Republican candidate would have done any better. :oprah_well_there_you_have_it_proof_see_hand: California is a very powerful economy to the point where it could be its own country. Its population is larger than 22 combined states combined and the largest in the nation. Los Angeles County, alone, has over 10 million people. 42 states in the nation are sitting at or below 10 million. Like what do you expect? For there to not be housing shortage or widespread issues when it comes to homelessness? This place is expensive and by nature, this state has mostly always ever been competitive — whether it’s fueled by tech, education, filmmaking and so forth. It’s a hard place to survive or make a living if you don’t have connections, a job, higher education or a steady source of income. And for the radical right who’s always complaining (since that’s what happens when consistent change occurs) — by all means, do us all a favor — pack up and leave. If you find that California’s implemented policies are taking away from your so-called freedom, then maybe this isn’t the place for you and you should reevaluate your priorities instead. 

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