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Interesting Read: A Timeline of the Connections Between Britney Spears’ Music and Her Conservatorship Fight

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28 minutes ago, Justin Woodpond said:

Still waiting for Pitchfork to review at least one on Britney’s albums. 

However, this is an interesting read alright.

They are very brutal, but then again Folklore got an 8.7, but that wasn't enough, the swifties went to attack her and she put her Twitter on private, it was a huge deal. 


But the folklore review is good, considering Chromatica got a 7.5. 


They rarely enjoy pop Music, the way they enjoy hip hop and Alternative music. 

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5 minutes ago, Spicechinodiva said:

Isn't there a lot cos he moved strictly away from Britney spears, back in 2014 and was called a sell out. 

no, but there is a particular guy that has been attacking Jordan both here in the forum (before he left), and recently on Twitter, mostly since the freebritney movement started. Every time that some media mentions Jordan as the person who coined the free Britney phrase, they seem to have a meltdown over there. They're the same people that claim Jordan is paid by Team Con and that sort of things. 

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