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How did the Glory re-release happen ?

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Now that we know that Britney and Larry have not talked in more than 2 years, I wonder whose idea it was to re-release Glory nearly 5 summers after it's original release....

Did RCA decide to do it with/without consulting with Larry?

Did Larry take the initiative?

Did Britney manage to arrange the re-release without having to talk with Larry?

Was it Team Con?





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I think it was a record label thing.

Fans took Glory to #1 on the pop itunes chart, so probably they took that chance to re-release it (the first time, when Mood Ring was made available internationally). People claim Britney did have involvement in the inclusion of the new cover, but who knows how true that is.

Then for the second re-issue, with the slightly altered new cover, and the vinyl, and the new tracks, at least for Swimming in the Stars, they did state on their website that it was RCA releasing that track in honor of Britney's birthday, and the Matches collaboration must have come from them too, since I don't think Britney's team has the power to use a scrapped recording by another artist. 

So yeah, I feel like everything has been planned by the label rather than Larry or Jamie. 

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Obviously not Britney. She couldn't care less with all this mess happening. 

Britney had been on hiatus quite a while already and team con saw an opportunity to get quick cash since the fans already let Glory re-chart on iTunes.

Britney can't even decide herself if she WANTS to tour let alone re-release an album with unreleased songs and a new cover.

No, definitely team con.


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Re-releases are not something artist decide to do (expect for situations like Taylor Swift who re-records all her songs) :sneer_purple_hat_smile_smirk_there_tree_:


And I don't think her management had saying in it either tbh, it was probably her label trying to chase those easy coins since she hasn't been recording new music for like 6 years now. But still part of that money goes to funding the toxic conservatorship through royalties so it benefitted everyone else expect Britney herself. :typing_keyboard_computer:

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