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Only In America would Casey Anthony have more freedom than Britney spears..

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If you remember Casey Anthony was found not guilty of killing her daughter Caylee Anthony, that was 2011, she only served time for lying to authorities and such..


Just let this fact sit in your head, she's free while Britney isn't, even though she's mostly hiding and avoiding public cos the world is pissed how Casey was allowed to walk when all the evidence said she did do the crime..



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@Spicechinodiva, I get your point, but I'm, however, not fully convinced of her guilt. Casey was definitely not totally innocent, and she did lie to the cops, make up that story about Zanny the Nanny kidnapping her daughter, etc. And there was quite some circumstantial evidence: the wild partying, the dolce vita tattoo, the chloroform, the corpse scent in her car, etc.

Many believe she did intentionally kill Caylee, but it would not have made rational sense for Casey to think everybody would just forget about her daughter and no one look for her. Maybe Casey accidentally killed Caylee by overdosing her on Xanax (Zanny???) or cough syrup or even chloroform to get her to sleep so she'd leave her home alone to go partying.

But... According to Jose Baez, Casey's lawyer, Caylee drowned in the family pool, and he produced a photo that proved Caylee could walk and open the door to the backyard herself. According to Cindy, it was not possible 'cause the ladder was not up, but maybe it actually was that day and she just doesn't remember. Baez explained how George had found Caylee in the pool, unconscious, went to Casey, told her Caylee had died, that calling an ambulance she'd go to prison for child neglect, and that it was better to just cover it up and hide the body. (Maybe the duct tape was a way of preventing water of coming out of Caylee's mouth.)

According to the medical examiner, Caylee's death was definitely a homicide 'cause when a child drowns, people call an ambulance in case the child is still alive and do not instead duct tape them all around the head, nose and mouth, triple-bag them and toss them in the woods!

Baez also alleged George had ***ually assaulted his own daughter, Casey, as a child, that she'd sometimes have his ***** in her mouth in the morning, and then had to go to school and pretend nothing ever happened; Baez' point was that that's how Casey grew to be such a fantastic liar. And he also alleged Casey had also been molested by her brother Lee (Casey also did allege that to a prison mate).

And it was stated that an ex-mistress of George had heard him say that Caylee's death was "an accident that spiralled out of control."

Jurors had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey (and not George or anybody else) did indeed murder Caylee in the first degree or was guilty of aggravated child abuse or aggravated manslaughter of a child. One juror explained that in spite of all the circumstantial evidence, the chloroform, there was still that shadow of doubt.

Maybe she did kill her, but what if was not her?

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