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RANT: **** i hate my manager

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I hate everything about my company and i hate every person who is in the senior position.

Nobody knows or does jack**** but when it comes to getting work done, all of it gets thrown onto us and my fellow employees.

If i don't ask a question and just do my work, i get a complaint that i'm not involved enough and if i start asking questions their tiny little self esteem and big ego will  make them think that I am  being authoritative and not focusing on work. WTF



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If you prioritize your happiness and your mental health (which I think you should) , I guess you have to quit and try and find sth better, a work environment that suits you better and in which you will thrive emotionally and professionally. 

If you find it hard though to quit due to the current situation, you can send them to hell and plot their murder while smiling at them (kidding)

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