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"Hold Me Closer" is rumored to arrive on August 19th.  Pre-save. 🚀🌹

Fun in the Sun! What is your favorite thing to do during Spring Break ?


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In Canada, March break wasn’t warm. I think one year my family travelled to Florida and another year we went further north to go skiing. 

In Uni or college, our spring break is in feb! usually I just partied in my hometown and maybe took a trip to toronto or USA. The USA used to have a lot of stores we didn’t have here although now lots of them have expanded to here. 

speaking of that, does wet seal still exist? I used to love shopping there! Lol 

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7 minutes ago, Peanut said:

Read the Bible in the beautiful mornings 💓

Go out for walks a lot and breathe in the fresh spring air🍃

(Listen to "Love Profusion" by Madonna as well, sounds like winter going into spring! 😀

And of course, enjoy my job! 💪😎


Love that song it's one of my faves from her :urite_wendy_williams_red_yes_earrings_nod_proud_wow_impressed:  The mv makes me feel so much peace, I love it just as much.


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