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  1. They knew it but they thought MTN was gonna smash so hard everywhere after it. YAI literally killed the era (for the most part) and the sloppy singles/ management behind them didn't help either. But if I was her and defied the label, I would've gone with YAI as the 2nd single if I really wanted to shock the public (unlike the calculated Judas). It would do very well, everyone's would talk about Gaga releasing a ballad and such after many electro-pop hits. It would become one of the recognizable hits of the album if released earlier.
  2. I agree, it's my favorite album of hers but the era was a sloppy mess! I think it's when people where like "...eh, whatever!" The single choices were correct IMO, but not in the correct order. I would've gone something like this: Born This Way- perfect intro to the era, sends the message straightforward You And I- To genuinely shock the GP and even her fans lol! Trust me it'd do well pre-album release! Judas- Bring back TFM-Ga after 2 shockingly different sounding singles. Marry The Night- A great winter bop to finish the year/start the new year! Edge Of Glory- final single to promote the tour, milk it all during 2012! END
  3. Lady Gaga 1. Marry The Night-churchbell instrumental for the intro as she greets everyone and is at the top with da stars, switches to beginning of... 2. Diamond Heart- she sings the first verse, prechorus, chorus to pump up the crowd then switches to... 3. Poker Face 4. Bad Romance 5. Paparazzi 2nd Act 6. The Edge Of Glory- sings parts of it acapella then switches to... 7. Born This Way 8. Alejandro 9. Million Reasons- sings it at the piano then the next and final song bursts put.... 10. Applause- the end
  4. As it should be! Want hyou to be subservient but intelligent. Outspoken and witty. I wouldn't let anybody near my sweaty work clothes though, I'll do that myself. I'd cook with you once in a while, wash the dishes, but I want the house to be tidy and clean once I get home. A greet with a kiss when I get home from work.
  5. I just don't buy the Christian stuff he has going on about. I believe he's still lost but he's still young and has time.
  6. Ok but I can hear Applause, G.U.Y. MANiCURE, DWUW, JnD, fashion!, Dope, and Gypsy on the radio landscape of now. Those songs stood the test of time/ can still be played on radio!
  7. Ok this is where he is misguided. God is not a vending machine and nowhere in the Bible does God tell gay people that they should turn "straight". He urges ALL to be holy! Washed clean and following His commandments! It's not easy but it is possible. God does condemn acts of *******uality! In Leviticus says that if a man sleeps with a man as he does with a female it is a detestable thing to Jehovah and should be put to death(under the mosaic law)! In Corinthians also says that *******uals (people who practice anything ***ual with same ***) and other types of "bad" people will not inherit God's kingdom. It also says that past Christians used to be *******ual/practiced *******uality but when they turned to God they were washed clean (notice it didn't say they turned "straight")!
  8. Ok but where is Marry The Night and Edge Of Glory??? Those two deserved to be one of her greatest hits!!! Oh Gaga why you mess up so early in yo career??!😤
  9. Went to jail. Enough said! That's why I keep a low profile with everyone. It gets a bit lonely but at least I have God with me. He never abandons.
  10. God is love. Hell( the fiery place of torment) is a pagan concept. Even God said that passing His children through the fire never crossed His mind. He said that because the pagans used to burn their own children to death as sacrifice. Jesus said to make disciples of all nation's. That means every race, nationality, gender, etc. Only God can judge. Nobody knows me like He does. I pray for Christendom of today (if it even is) that made you think this way of God. Satan the devil is doing his best to stain Jehovah's (God)name. I pray for you and all.
  11. Prayed to God, read the Bible, went to work at my package delivery job, after work I invited my mom and sister to a restaurant for dinner and met a handsome and very attentive waiter. It made me glad that he mentioned that he likes talking and sharing about God. Made me happy and gave me hope! 😊Now I'm heading home to rest. Goodnight! -Peanut
  12. This is a bit funny but our pinky or our small toes seem to be "less than" or "inferior" than our other body parts, but when you look at it as a whole, they DO serve a purpose for the body, just a different operation, have their own place. So technically they are still in control in some way. I think the song is a bout that. Being satisfied, no more, no less.
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