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  1. I've been guilty of this but in public (I don't have social media besides BH). I've seen/ heard some guys at work doing this but to women and I find it unflattering and repulsive to just see them as objects of pleasure. I think back to what the Bible really says about masculinity: "Do not look on at a woman so as to have a (***ual) passion for her, if you do you committed adultery with her in your heart." "The heart is the most treacherous thing, who can understand it?" A servant of God, Job, even said he will be cautious with his eyes when around a virgin (girl). So when I look at a guy with passionate eyes, I think back to God's creation and how beautiful His creation is. And that I'm just as beautiful as that person. I treat them kindly like Jesus said to treat all people.
  2. Fave Song: Marry The Night Fave Album: Born This Way (the album of the century btw...) Fave Artist: Lady Gaga
  3. Chromatica & Madame X. I don't know what happened with Gaga ...that Ariana feature didn't help either, made me cringe. Madame X is just bizzare awful. I can understand what was in mind but the results were bad! It just didn't work!
  4. Biblically, God made a convenant with Abraham where all His people( males) should be circumcised physically to signify they are "clean" and sinless. If they were not they were kicked out/ killed By spiritually, after Jesus's death and resurrection, all people who believe (d) in him are spiritually circumcised. Meaning they are humble and not "hardened" but can clearly see the truth. Technically now the importance of circumcision is spiritual, no longer need to be physical.
  5. It does not matter. Physically not, but spiritually it is important. I can understand the old testament and why they did it but afterwards it isn't important if you are or not physically.
  6. I really love pop music but I would say these are my 3 favorite albums because they "hit" just the right spot! Born This Way- Lady Gaga The Spirit Indestructible - Nelly Furtado American Life- Madonna
  7. Tbh. But I work in manual labor so I gotta do it 5x week. It's not that I don't like being clean but after a hard days work, I'm worn out. Cleanliness is next to godliness, not just physically but spiritually as well.
  8. Hi. I don't know if I should be asking this (not sure) but did you happen to write #freebritney in front of your house? I saw it and guessing if he/she is here on bh lol! I dropped off a package.
  9. I used to feel this way since I've never dated anybody but the Bible gave me hope and I choose to remain celibate as much time I can to preach God's word like Apostle Paul. God gave His son for us and I will give something back. Also as a Latino, family members always ask if I have/had a gf. I'm still in the "bloom of youth" and looking at it, I don't feel ready to be in a relationship. My "thorn in the flesh" does not help matters either but prayer and Bible study helps. I will have to grow spiritually and if God permits it, I can marry a beautiful woman who also serves Him.
  10. Do they even adhere (or try to)to the Bible standards??? If they don't (clearly not) then why the complaining and judging, deal with it!
  11. Do these people have LIVES???!!! Gosh do they even work? I bet they can't carry a 10 pound box without their arms flailing about and calling it abuse! I don't understand these sensitive hypocrites!
  12. Lol! And American Life is M's best album! 😎
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