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Worst Single From Every Album: "In The Zone"


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2 minutes ago, Towelney said:

Is it tho? :heresthetea:

That song is a bop :heresthetea:

Better than Me Against The Music :heresthetea:

Me against the music didn’t kill Primeney so nooo :heresthetea:

3 minutes ago, Iconic 4 U said:

What's practical, what's logical, what the hell who cares :raven:

Me against the music (Bhangra Bollywood remix) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Outrageous :praisega:

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Outrageous for sure. I really never was a huge fan of MATM, I'd skip it often until I watched her perform it and it was kind of everything.  

But I'll never forgive Outrageous for her injury. That and the video would have been dumb.  She didn't look that great in basketball shorts, jumping on Snoop, licking him! Ew! The only part that would have been good was the choreo I think but we have seen so little of it.  

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12 hours ago, MrPieceOfMe said:

Hello everyone! E22F9052-8E7E-4F11-BF09-393C0E9DFC31.gif I decided to make this little game where you have to choose the worst single from every Britney album. 

In Round 3 Anticipating was chosen as the worst single from Britney with 131 votes.

Round 4 is starting and you have to choose the worst single from In The Zone. I think that the era served really good singles and the choice isn’t really easy.

I’m going to choose Outrageous. I love that song really much, but I think that the other singles from that amazing album, are amazing. The era served a pop iconic hit, a duet with Madonna and one of her best ballads ever. 

You can share your choice with us down in the comments. 249362AE-6725-4E82-B66B-84B4000BA0C8.gif



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