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Worst Single From Every Album: "In The Zone"


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1 minute ago, Towelney said:

Excuse Me What GIF

Ok here's my perspective:

  • The song sounds a bit dated today imo, whereas most of the rest of ITZ does not 
  • I pretty much always skip it and never listen to it now, though I used to love it
  • Britney was at her peak in performance, stage presence, and energy during ITZ imo, and I think it was wasted on Everytime where she either lip synced or performed some pretty rough live vocals.
  • The song might be her most successful ballad, but Everytime isn't that remembered overall

While I love the video and do appreciate that it's a song she helped write and produce, ITZ is just such a strong album with so many other candidates for good singles that I would've preferred to see a video for and to see her promoting/performing more.

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59 minutes ago, Haha-Hehe-Haha-Ho said:

Lol I'm the only one that chose toxic :katyclown:

This is the reason u had 0 votes for the Uncancellation ceremonies to be un-cancelled :pleaseshhh_miss_ny_new_york_tiffany_tell_talk_preach_pollard:

Toxic is Britney most critically acclaimed song, and extended Britney’s relevancy :lessons: 

Imagine wanting the most influential and iconic song of the 00s as the worst single :lessons:

We will hold yr schoolin period ready tommorow :lessons:

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