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This year wasnt too bad tbh...

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4 hours ago, The Greatest Show said:

lol you clearly arent here very often and if you are you only remember of me what suits your narrative. Also the Cship question is answered in the OP

I apologize about my comments earlier. I am just so sensitive about Britney right now.  It really pisses me off to see everyone fighting for Taylor Swift to get her masters handed to her but not helping us fight for Britney's freedom.  So yeah, the thread rubbed me as "hater-ish". 

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4 minutes ago, BethanyJerome said:

Of course she is not immune to criticism, nobody is and she's no different. And you're right sometimes fans do jump down other people's throats because they say something they don't want to hear and it hits too close to home, but then when bad things happen they put up everything to chance and misfortune, even when Britney herself told them years ago, "everything happens for a reason". There are a lot of negative aspects about her life, career, and choices that shouldn't be overlooked, but many fans are unwilling to face this because it means most of their dreams and false perception of their "idol" will be shattered.

However, I do think that considering Britney's current situation people should be less careless with their words, because words do matter and really do have consequences, so instead of going overboard with criticism, it is also important to spread a positive message that encourages improvement. It is good that people recognise a problem instead of overlooking it, but when possible and appropriate, I don't think that focusing your words instead on wishing someone to "heal, recover, or get better" counts as "enabling" or "***-kissing", people underestimate the power they have with their words, use them wisely

Oh no no I agree with you absolutely on that...I never want to be cruel to Britney! I'm with you! I want her to heal and be as happy as can be! I truly truly mean this and I know it comes off superficial but I know I am not alone in she is baffling to me in how she presents herself. I really don't think it's being over critical of her though. I do not in any way expect her to always be "on". We're all human and she's no exception, but she looks beyond just being casual. Even messiness aside, she just doesn't look happy to me...and I don't blame her for that. And I don't mean that looking perfect equates to happiness...but healthy self esteem does come from a point of taking care of yourself. I really just hope she can eventually find what truly makes her happy.

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I am still sad about Dominion being cancelled though. I have to say even though parts of the choreography were cringe-worthy, most of it looked really good. Better than POM for sure. I wonder how long we'll have to wait for new music and shows... Hard to see her coming out with new stuff with the whole #FreeBritney thing going on, but who knows? In the midst of her 2007 breakdown she came out with Blackout, one of her best albums to date.

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