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Best Britney song alphabet wise- Part VII (W and Y)

Pick your favourite song from each alphabet   

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The last part of these polls are here :decisions:

We left off the last poll at the letter U. This time we'll be starting things off with W because V, X and Z are the only alphabets with no song by Britney :waitwhat: Thankfully there were 2 from Y!

My Picks:

W - Womanizer :brit2016: OMG that was so f**king hard :wontcry: I didn't realise she had so many good songs with W...

Y - (You Drive Me) Crazy :groovin: You Got It All is probably the worst song from PrimeNey, there, I said it :4music:

Thank you to everyone who participated through the course of these polls! 

A gift for them:



May Godney shower her blessings abundantly on y'all!


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Final part! Just like with the album evaluations, all good things must come to an end... :crying1:

Let us end this with pride and glory then! :wontcry:

W - "Womanizer"

While there is a handful of good songs starting with "W", "Womanizer" is the obvious stand-out. Its energetic electropop production gets me hooked right from the beginning and the track only gets better. The video is interesting, iconic and one of ms. Spears' best works up-to-date. Let's not forget that this track was her first #1 hit since "...Baby One More Time" in 1998 / 99 (10 years apart)! Truly a legendary track.

Y - "(You Drive Me) Crazy"

Congratulations to "(You Drive Me) Crazy" for being the only ...Baby One More Time track to be the best of its category alphabetically! :clap:

...But then again, looking at its competition, it's no wonder this song won. "You Got It All" isn't bad, per se, but it's nothing special. I haven't listened to the track in a long time (until now, just to be sure my criticism still stands), but I remember that I when I listened to it for the first time, I found it annoying how Brit is comparing her new boyfriend to her ex, which I think shouldn't be done - if you broke up with someone, don't keep comparing them to your new SO, or it'll look like you're still not over them.

I've gone really off-topic, so let's move on to this duel's winner.

For one, it's the most upbeat song released as a single from ...Baby One More Time, and I love upbeat tracks, so this is a good thing. The video also showed more of Britney's dancing skills, which weren't really shown since "...Baby One More Time"'s video. As a dance track, it also hinted at the direction Britney's music would go after her first album, where there was progressively less and less lovey-dovey songs like "Sometimes" or "E-Mail My Heart" and more dance-oriented songs. Also, speaking of the music video, the looks are flawless, despite being simple and feel really... 90s. The album version of this song wasn't my favourite, but I'm very glad The Stop Remix! exists, as it made the song less cluttered with less instruments and gave it an overall better sound.

So, yeah... just a very good song. A 7 / 10 or even 8 / 10. That's all I really have to say. :)


The sentence above is very ironic, considering this is my largest review of any song in this series. :eeek:

But alright! That would be it! May this series be ended with pride and glory! :wontcry:

For the "Best Britney song alphabet wise" thread series!

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8 hours ago, jamaphone said:

I noticed that her catalog is missing songs starting with V, X, and Z! A few months ago, I wrote 4 songs starting with those letters to fill the alphabetical gap!

I did the same thing tbh ! 
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