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  1. I put together a Chromatica tribute online drag show! It was a ton of work FUN! The album was released during a time when drag queens couldn't really perform it to the max but this was a nice chance to show off the quality and range of the album and my local drag scene. Enjoy!
  2. In honor of the 1-year anniversary of Lady Gaga's Chromatica album, I put together an online show featuring 10 drag queens performing 9 of the album's phenomenal tracks! Check it out below!
  3. Ru Paul and her top queens would be EPIC. Ru has plenty of bops but the queens could also re-create iconic lip-sync moments. They will NEVER let that happen because the straight guys would spend the entire 2nd half subscribing to WOW Presents Plus, practicing their cut crease, and death-dropping into the refreshments table. But I'll start it trending... #RuperBowl2022. Those *****es would serve some Pepsi realness.
  4. I think she should remain true to her own story with zero consideration for radio. She has the vision, voice, and songwriting skills needed to connect with new and existing fans. Her latest collaborations seem to have been based on mutual admiration, which infused them with chemistry and authenticity. I'm working on a drag video for her campy collaboration with (gay legend) Orville Peck: Legends Never Die!
  5. @myahmarie, Are you looking for collaborators/co-writers? Thanks for answering Q's!
  6. Hey @MyahMarie!! I've written about 20 songs intended for Britney to sing.. Is there any hope for an up-and-coming songwriter to connect with an established artist? Would it help to make demos of the tracks? Also- You've diversified your involvement in the music industry by writing, singing backup/demos, and having your own lead career - How have these different roles helped your artistic and career development? Thank ya!! <3
  7. Love this! I've written about 20 songs for Britney to sing: A song called "Glory" (Almost finished! It was inspired in part by the recent desert photo.) 12 Original Tracks (Full lyrics and other fun stuff are linked below as part of my 12 Days of Britmas! Rough recordings of the melodies are embedded at the bottom of this post.) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vo3e5KF34P8YG_wIWbvToBJ4PdYM5Wzb/view 3 songs based on titles that were suspected to be released: Pretty Girls, Make Me, & Just Love Me (These are also contained in the PDF above) A 4-song Valentine EP (SnapChat recordings of the songs are below, with full lyrics in the descriptions.) Here are some very rough recordings of the first batch of songs: Lemme know what y'all think
  8. Here are shortened demos of the songs recorded via SnapChat
  9. I noticed that her catalog is missing songs starting with V, X, and Z! A few months ago, I wrote 4 songs starting with those letters to fill the alphabetical gap!
  10. Whatever the circumstances Britney is currently facing, I want what's best for her-- as decided by her.
  11. Glory is a treasure trove and I hope Domination mines it to the max. I'd be thrilled to see a Glory Gold edition re-release with new singles, videos, and songs (including Mood Ring). It would provide great show promo while garnering attention for underappreciated material.
  12. I want Dolly Parton to cover this wonderful song. She can direct it toward Jesus. She's made several covers into gospel songs before. Dolly can cover Everytime and Britney can cover one of Dolly's songs! How can we make this happen? #petition
  13. I think the radio edit would have worked better with a dog bark sound effect replacing "*****!" I think the GP missed some of the cheekiness of the song. Dog barks would've let them in on the fun.
  14. Shattered Glass ... "In Your Dreams" How I Roll ...
  15. Had you seen the video for Stronger by then? Her eyes look pretty blue in the close-ups.
  16. Have y'all seen the unreleased music video for "Chillin with You" tho? (Made by me and my sisters during a beach trip.) I always thought the song was fun and funky and funny. It's fun to sing along after a few glasses of wine with your BFFs.
  17. I'd like to hear Britney work with Giorgio Moroder again on a re-imaginging of something by Donna Summer. If she sings a song like "I Feel Love," I think her falsetto would entrance the dancefloor.
  18. DEFinitely THIS. The straps, the brunette hair, and the flowing purple fabric make this undeniably fierce.
  19. Y'all are posting some great ones! I must say I'm fond of the ones below, too. Lots of nostalgia tied to them. Someday... I will understand how to post pictures. https://imgur.com/kqTfYy3 https://imgur.com/E1Z8Nou https://imgur.com/pbGkeb9 https://imgur.com/ScWMNG0
  20. Love the look and the LOOK on her face! Do you know which tour/performance this is from?
  21. Lots of nice ones-- Do you know which performance this one's from?
  22. Post pics of your favorite live performance outfits/costumes from Britney's career. I'm looking for ANYTHING that stands out, not just the well-known looks. DIG DEEP! Tours, award shows, talk shows, etc. I'll need about 20 of them for a small component of a much larger project. Music video looks and red carpet outfits will also be included; but that's another thread. Y'all know I'll keep you updated with the results, so bookmark me.
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