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Baby one more time is not a bad album and that's that on that


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It's a very cute album and the very 90s sound it has kinda enhances that feeling. It gave us the iconic "...Baby One More Time" and the other great singles. "I Will Be There" and "Deep In My Heart" are HUGE bops. Overall, there is no "bad" song really, they're just subpar compared to the rest but still listenable. So yeah, I'll give it a 7 / 10... or maybe and 8 / 10. IDK, somewhere around that.

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I don't hate it. I love it. The only songs I don't listen to from this one are "Soda Pop" and "Thinkin' About You". I like TAY, but I usually skip it, while I hate Soda Pop. The Beat Goes On, I like it, yeah, but, unlike FTBOMBH, it get's kinda boring midway, hence why I usually listen to the perfomance of the Oops! Tour and the Crazy 2K Tour. It's shorter and much better.

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