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Blackout's Iconic 11th Birthday Anniversary


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Britney's ICONIC 5th studio album Blackout turns 11 on October 25th.


This album took Britney's sound to a new level and til this day still has many songs we haven't heard and a lot of mystery surrounds this album and it's unreleased songs.

What's your favorite track off Blackout?


What songs you still waiting on to be leaked from the Blackout sessions?

From the video shots of the lead single Gimme More being left on the cutting room floor many still wonder why this was omitted from the video.


During the albums recordings Britney had recorded a lot of songs many have leaked since and Britney had been seen playing songs from the album in her car as well as being photographed with a track list for the album.


Blackout was cheated out of the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 with a last minute rule change this would've been Spears 5th album in a row to hit #1, but had to settle for #2.

Lead single Gimme More was a big hit at #3 peaking on the BB Hot 100.

Britney's most iconic catch phrase was birthed from this album in Gimme More.


In addition some channel on You Tube has been uploading tracks from Blackout as well as others.



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You want me to pick ONE favorite song of Blackout? :hideous: 

I can't, I just love this album from start to finish. This title, this album artwork, the songs on it, it just sums up that dark part of Britney's life. Blackout is a very important chapter in the Bible of Pop and Pop culture, and if In The Zone wasn't causing controversy enough, Blackout was the final nail to the coffin of the Britney Spears persona we used to know and I LIVE FOR IT :yesplease:

And why is "Why Should I Be Sad" not getting really any appreciation? It's Britney's testimony on her relationship with Kevin. 

So many things are going through my mind thinking and writing about this album, so many things I want to say but I can't phrase it in words... 

Danja was the freaking mastermind behind Blackout though, let's be real here. The thumping beats, the flow, he was just perfect for Blackout. The best songs on the album have his instrumentals. 

There is just so much mystery, so many unanswered questions surrounding this album but ultimately also that time of her life. Blackout was her act of rebellion against everything what was chosen for her and running against her during that period of time, that album was her way of just saying "**** it and you all" and I am so glad Blackout ultimately got a tour (disguised as the Circus Tour, but let's be real, you know it and Britney knows it, this tour was for Blackout) even though I was too young at that time to see it live... 

Most of Britney's albums just seem like cash-grabbing albums, easy pop music which will work, but Blackout, this album... this is her most personal one. And we better appreciate it. 

This album is what made her a living legend. 

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Heaven on Earth and Outta This World are definitely my favorite Blackout songs! Gimme More is a MOOD to be honest

Piece of Me is a must have for rebellion against something/ someone 

Ever since the raw recording sessions from Break the ice leaked, I eat ice


Get Back is soooo great

State of Grace is unreleased, but an all time fav! Look at my  username :bwink:

Let go= unreleased but a must have for sad moments

Just Yesterday= lovely song for her sister

the CD is just too good to be true! 

Also I need Blackout alternative version (with all the unreleaseds planned initially for Original Doll or the ones recorded from 2005-2007 

btw I didn’t knew this original tracklist picture!!!! I need an 4K  version of it like right now! LEMME SEE THEM UNRELEASEDS :demi: 

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Who Can She Trust needs to surface asap.

1 hour ago, OopsOverprotected said:

Can someone identify the tracklist???? i wanna know

01. “Gimme More” (Danja)
02. “Pull Out” (Sean Garrett & Lil ‘Jon)
03. “Break the Ice” (Danja)
04. “Outta This World” (Danja)
05. “Get Back” (Danja)
06. “Ooh Ooh Baby” (Fredrick & Kara DioGuardi)
07. “Catch Me If You Can” (Danja)
08. “Kiss Me All Over” (Sean Garrett)
09. “Everybody” (J.R.)
10. “Get Naked” (Danja)
11. “State of Grace” (Lisa Greene & Steve Anderson)
12. “911” (J.R. & Kara DioGuardi)
13. “Crucified” (J.R.)
14. “To Love, Let Go”
15. "No Title" (Springsteen track Britney Lyrics)
16. “The Face” (J.R.)
17. “Rebellion”

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6 hours ago, Koda100 said:

Simply her best album, and even more so because of all the excitement and anticipation that surrounded its release, and the fact the she actually DELIVERED! 


Not to mention it caused everyone’s jaw to drop as they didn’t believe she can not only make an album a really good one is like WOW. She proved the naysayers wrong.

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