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"Make Me..." Streaming Party - Already gained 2 million views tonight

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1 minute ago, Bxnes said:


That video is awful :flop:

It’s honestly that beginning of them talking and the audition. Would rather be blinded by B dancing in lingerie. They could’ve combined the vids together

11 minutes ago, rawbrit said:

im going on my second :yasqueen:

watch this if it gets overwhelming sweeties, but do stream :kesha:



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5 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:


You made me remember when the video premiered, I was at work too.

I remained speechless for hours until I arrived home and watched it again, and just felt how something inside me was dying a little bit :dead:. I think it was my hopes and dreams. :overwhelm:

I sat at home at the end of my bed showing my sister trying to show off how amazing Britney was. 

I was expecting to see the original on my screen when I showed her. And well... That mess showed up! 

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