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  1. This is not true. I support the movement. However, my point was, no group or person can take credit for anything now as Britney's situation has not improved, she's still being controlled, her music is being released without her permission etc. I even signed for that petition that was supposed to get the White house to review her case or whatever, yet it didn't do anything. Claiming, "I/We contributed to the movement" sounds ridiculous, and I'm not attacking anyone. It's simply the truth.
  2. Of course you're going to defend them, you're on their side. I never called them names but simply pointing out their flawed arguments. But come for me, I guess. I'm glad you're quitting because this is the most terrible and passive aggressive thing that you could say about Britney's fanbase. Even worse than your tweet that implies Britney wants to be in a conservatorship and/or she could have the free will to sign a petition to want to continue the conservatorship. Literally comparing us (brit's fanbase) to that she-devil known as Lou taylor who put britney through 12 years of metaphorical prison. Very nicely done. Yet I'm the one whose tone needs fixing... yeah Ok. I'm done with this, here to celebrate Britney, not be involved in this transparent drama and calculated moves for attention/fame.
  3. Screaming!!! LawyersForBabies are really living in delusion. Honey, you've given yourself too much credit, you and other similar orgs have done nothing to help Britney. She's still in the conservatorship is she not? Jamie is still her conservator is he not? He's so threatened by your lame *** tweets and court docs and analysis. Please give me a break, the only reason things have gotten to this point is because Britney herself refused to work and Jamie's colon exploded. Not you, not the freebarney movement or the fan protests actually helped ****. Stop giving yourself credits that don't exist. Oh and before LoyalistsForJamie and their supporters come for me or think I'm "attacking" them, I'm not. I'm just offering opinions and discussions. If lawyers can't even handle that much shade from gays on a stan forum, I wonder how they're going to handle cases in courts. What a disgrace.
  4. It isn't the same as you trademarking "Exhale" or other businesses trademarking their name. LawyersForJamie supposedly fights for britney out of non-for-profit purposes, what is the point of trademarking the name? Are they planning to sell shirts, masks etc later on?
  5. The beauty(?) guru's brand faces backlash over this advertisement that resembles self-harm: Warning: Contains image that resembles self-harm that may cause trigger and/or trauma Source: Today
  6. SCREAMING!!! Looks like Jamie and She-Devil Taylor are not the only ones benefitting from Britney.
  7. SHe cannot terminate it. Only the doctors can write a report for the judges to terminate it. And the doctors are hired by the conservators (Jamie) who keep their salary each year. I mean how can people not understand this? It's not rocket science. Both the doctors and the judges are corrupted. Look how Courtney Love was even scared to fight for Britney... because she was threatened by that she-devil.
  8. "Maybe it's because she wants it" - LawyersforBabies and their apologists. *Rolls eyes*
  9. That's because there is NO such thing. The original lawyersforjamie's tweet did not mention that at all. It's the lawyersforjamie apologists that randomly brought up personal/business conservatorship which doesn't even exist. A conservatorship overlook every aspect of a person's life, personal or financial, whether they get married or pregnant, EVERYTHING. A person/organisation who looks after your finance only is called an accountant. These apologists need to stop confusing people with misinformation.
  10. They have ill-intentions, it's pretty clear. I don't know why so many people here are still defending their actions. They are testing the waters, "What if britney wants the conservatorship?". Next they'll be asking, "What if britney wants jamie in the conservatorship?" Like WTF? How can britney want anything while being in a conservatorship? Nobody cares about what she wants, the doctors and the lawyers are all hired by Jamie, to keep their income, they must do what Jamie wants, not what Britney wants. That's the meaning of a conservatorship, complete and utter control over a person's life and choices. Now, the lawyersforjamie are inciting a civil war within the fanbase, they did their job, done. Look at how half of the people in this thread is already accepting that *MAYBE* britney wants the conservatorship after all. Like are they even fans of BritneY? She literally said years ago she wanted a daughter. How can she get pregnant while being under a CONSERVATORSHIP? It literally forces her to be sterile for the rest of her life. I can't right now.
  11. Yall need to watch the movies, "Girl Interrupted", "Girl with the dragon tattoo" & "American Horror Story: Asylum" before saying anyone wants to be in a conservatorship... As someone who has been held involuntarily at a mental institution before, I know how corrupted the judges and doctors are. All they want is bodies to fill up the bed so they can get $$. I was abused and forced to take medications against my will! So I take this very personally, and I truly believe Britney and no one on this Earth would want to place themselves under a conservatorship where they can be forced to do anything at any time, including ***ual abuse, blackmails, threats etc. That's all I have to say regarding this matter, I hate you lawyersforjamie.
  12. If they are truly FOR Britney, then they need to stop posting ******** tweets like, "What if britney wants to be in conservatorship"... because that is implying they are supporting conservatorships. Nobody wants to be in one, do you want to be in one? where you have 0 control over your life, your spending habits shown to the public every single year? They are lawyers, are they not? Why do I have more brain cells than them?
  13. You're missing the point of her post entirely. Everything humans do impact the world negatively, the fact that you're using electricity is already impacting on marine animals. Her point about deforestation is spot on. Just because you're vegan/vegetarians does not mean you don't negatively impact the world. Farmlands are just as bad as animal farms.
  14. Can someone ban LawyersForBritney's account on here already? They are obviously not "FOR" Britney, but for Jamie... or at least change their account names to "LawyersForJamie"... Because this is not it. Nobody sane or mentally unwell would want to be placed under a conservatorship voluntarily, so LawyersForJamie can f.ck off. I don't want to be on the same forum as member(s) who are pro-conservatorship or conservatorship apologists.
  15. I'm 32 so Debut era was pretty much my childhood.
  16. "You're an amazing songwriter/artist and you should be proud of what you accomplished, I really hope you could return to dancing like you used to, but if you would like to retire somewhere in the country, that would be OK too."
  17. Sometimes. The video is what I imagine paradise to look like
  18. So do E-mail My Heart and Someday (I Will Understand)
  19. His face is nice. But the tattoos are ugly, he could also use a bit more meat...
  20. From 2013-2017-ish... she did that eyelift job... which made her looked really old. But I think the effect is gone now, because her eyes are lowkey back to normal: She also stopped doing the cheek and lip fillers and botox which made her face look normal again.
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