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Guys I need your help. Blackout related.

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Hey guys, so I'm starting my own podcast it's going to be called Unpopular Opinions, and it's about what the title says: Unpopular Opinions about pop culture. 

So I will do the third episode about Britney, focusing on Blackout, how influential it was and how unpopular/underrated is in the GP.

I'm looking for a Britney Expert to join the panel via Skype with me also, and to discuss it with another two journalists. 

I'm planning this big so I really need you to tell me a few unpopular opinions about Blackout or Britney that you've heard in the GP. It's interesting because 80% of the people when asked about Britney, will always bring 2007 to the conversation and most of the time not knowing about Blackout. 

So it will be a good chance to give Blackout and that era a little more credit. I will also give a history background so the people who will hear the podcast gets all the essential facts. 

So to sum up I need:

1. A good Blackout storyteller. 

2. Unpopular opinions about Britney /Blackout from the GPS. 

3. And a top facts that shouldn't be missed. 


Thank you in advance. 


Noury Lizarraga 

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