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Hairstylists Talks About Britneys Hair

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As a hairstylist myself every time seeing Britney"s hair on new candid photos would hurt my heart, it's like I wish I could fix it for you...

So I know lots hairstylists in Hollywood ,and one of them who works with lots celebrities been asked on what is his obsession with Britney Spears? As he's a fan... ,but he never worked with Britney and he's  a master on doing beautiful and healthy blond colors.

So he said, "I don't want to work with Britney because I don't want to be let down , because she would be what I want her to be or maybe she wouldn't. I know shes so so sweet, but if I meet her she might feel checked out and I would be let down a little bit so I'd rather not to."

When he got asked what he would do to Britney's hair ,he said " I've known people who work with Britney in the past and when you work with Britney it"s not really your work, it's weather she has time or patience for it. She wants to sit in the chair for 5mins and we all know that beautiful color takes time and I feel its no hairdresser's fault her hair always looks bad ,shes just always rushing people . She needs to get into someones chair who can convince her like girlfriend u gotta sit tight if u want pretty hair. He also says her hair is in damaged state and when you keep adding all this to the problem it makes it worst.... She just doesn't take care of her hair.

And there was more talked about, but most about the hair color and what he would do to make it healthy for her... however he said "He loves her so much and he will defend her until the end of time and when people say they don't get her like she's not even singing and stuff....but he said there's a reason why she's such a superstar like you don't last for this many years if there's nothing about you...." he said real nice stuff about her, such a stan.

So here u go guys, for those who would always talk about here hair.

I think she's just over it, like in her earlier career she would have individuals hair extensions that could take half a day to apply and she would have highlights what kept her hair healthy but it also takes probably up to three hours to get it done if it's properly being done. Also matching hair extensions color  and stuff would take a lot of time and she probably doesn't want to spend the whole day in the hairdressers chair. She worked real hard her whole life and had damn patience on everything if u think deeper... She just don't want any of that anymore I guess.

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I understand that she's "over" all that **** but how in the world is she okay with the way her hair looks? It's not that she has to look good 24/7 but how does that not bother her at all? I would go crazy with that mess on my head.

It just makes me wonder, I mean when my hair looks bad I feel bad and dirty (not in a good way). When my hair looks good I feel good, easy as that :forkit:

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The last time she really took care of her hair and let someone do a proper job was in 2008 and early 2009. Then things went downhill. She's just sick of people touching her. She said it herself in FTR: "I don't like the chair". But she has to understand that that's part of her job as a popstar. People will always check on her looks specially when she's performing. I think that she made an effort in 2016 to look good (bbma) but as always it all went downhill since then. 

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Well, it's too easy for her to say "I don't have the time or the patience for this" like c'mon let the guy do his work. At the end of the day she does whatever she wants to do, it's her hair, her life, but I don't think it's a very professional attitude. 


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For blonds and some other colours it does take a long time if you're getting it done professionally tho. If I do full head highlights on someone at home without an assistant it could take up to 5hours it also depends on hair. But then your hair is really healthy and you have to get it done every 2-3month. I wish she could just dedicate that one half day every 3moth to get her hair done properly... 

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