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Career regrets?


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Making will.i.am executive producer of BJ

Extending Vegas for another 2 years in 2015 - ok I admit the first 2 year served its purpose as it does seem like it gave Britney her confidence back and made her a much better performer. But it shouldn't  have been extended

No official Onyx Hotel Tour DVD release

No recording of Circus Tour

Meeting KFed - although feel so horrible saying this as she wouldn't have her two boys who she obviously adores


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Yeah, it would have to be the release of Britney Jean. Everything else was going to be inevitable, X Factor (she wanted to do it), the lackluster dancing during the FF era, but Britney has NEVER, EVER failed to deliver musically until Britney Jean. Not to mention she is barely on the album and has someone else singing a lot of it. So, that was just out of laziness. A true stain on her otherwise perfect discography. 

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