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Career regrets?


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8 hours ago, ElectriqueBrit said:

What are some career regrets you wish she didn't do since she's started?


My first is acknowledging Lady Gaga like at all and literally praising her when she didn't deserve it during the Femme Fatale Tour:


Her out-of-character rudeness during the Xfactor:

This gross skit...like whadafuq?:


these are all good moments :orangu: 

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altough it seems like she enjoyed the madonna kidd on vma 2003 , the whole thing made her feel like another dumb blonde seeking attention for tabloid covers. I think this performance added the most amount of fuil to her fire. 

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Honestly the only thing I would change is the release of Britney Jean. Every single song on that album aside from Work ***** is disposable garbage. Britney Jean was a pointless album that brings down her discography. If anything, it should have been cut down to 4-5 songs and marketed as a fun new EP with a few new songs to get people excited for Vegas. Not this whole “my most personal album”  or “my Ray Of Light” nonsense. 

But I personally pretend it never happened and her follow up to Femme Femme is Glory aside from a few stand alone singles in between (Work *****, Prettt Girls, Toms Diner) :quirkney:

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