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Britney at the 2004 vmas?

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So I read somewhere that Britney was scheduled to perform at the 04 vmas before the knee injury. I also saw some promo images from the time, and heard she was going to perform Boom Boom. Anybody got any information on this? 


It really makes you think what would've happened with ITZ, Britney, pop music as a whole if there was no knee injury. 

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17 minutes ago, One Of a Kind said:

Justice for (I Got That) Boom Boom. I will forever be bitter that my favourite ITZ track never got to be a single and didn't get the massive performance it deserved. :otears:

The ABC Special and the NYC one are fire. :drinky:

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Guest $elfish
53 minutes ago, Roger said:

"Britney will come out of a huge pyramid dressed as Cleopatra to perform a Boom Boom/Outrageous medley. She'll concentrate on **** moves and fire circles, **** men holding her down to the fans and then, an easy-to-do chreography. "



My heart is melting:meltdown:it would have been such a iconic perfomance:lemmetellu:

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1 hour ago, popprison said:

No Brit and it honestly was one of the most boring VMAs in history. Also, toxic won nothing..not even best pop video, best female video, let alone best video of the year. Lol

I remember Maroon 5 were doing a pre-show (or something like that) and they were guessing who would win each award and they were like


Britney sure gets this one

Yes this is def for Britney!


and then she got nothing :meltdown:


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