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Is "She's White" The New "She's A Mom Now"?

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15 minutes ago, BrittonJeanSpears said:

Like some people legit used the excuse that Britney is White as the reason for her lackluster dancing recently. They even went so far as to say White people are built differently. They're more frail and fragile. :triggered:

Are we that delusional, y'all? We have to resort to RACISM to defend Britney's laziness?


This thread is a joke. Cancel it.

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Lol. had the first hand encounter with that user. he even quoted an abstract of a published research to justify his claims (about black women having a generally better built than white women) as valid. :byebitch: at least we can now move on from the "she's a mom now" excuse. :hahayea:

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Well, neither race nor motherhood have anything to do with dancing ability and natural talent. So yeah, both are idiotic excuses. 

And for everyone downvoting @Chico101 Try to understand that from the point of view of many non-white ppl (myself included, esp since I am a black person in the US/the Americas), reverse racism does not exist. Prejudice towards white ppl does bc of historical and current racial issues, but actual racism and oppression does not happen to white ppl on the basis of race alone (this does not include hatred due to religion, culture, or ethnic background; for example, Jewish white people face anti-Semitism). 

Anyway, anyone of any demographic can be talented in anything.

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