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Pop forum archive from Jan 2004 discussing Brit


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1 minute ago, The Holy Spearit said:

its actually sad reading old britney forum posts from the early 2000s. Its like a different world since it was so long ago.

It's mind boggling the different paths that had happened between Beyoncé and Britney after Circus. 

Like totally different...


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1 hour ago, ...oops said:

"British tabloids spread a rumour that pink and britney dont get along due to pinks song "dont let me get me" however, britney was flattered and described pink as cool!"


Still the same Brit after all these years :walkonby:

Pink is actually really nice to Brit whenever she talks about her tbh. Probably the only ex-"Stupid Girl" she likes. :queenriri:

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On 21 June 2017 at 4:44 PM, Chris343 said:

Omg the positivity towards brit, and people talking about brit more than Beyonce! Primeney was truly incredible 

The posts on that sit are about all of them actually, they all got praise, there weren't that many replies to that thread as well.

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