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What If Britney Had Recreated Her 2007 VMA Performance Instead of the Make Me One...

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Hello everyone! :unbothered:

I had this somewhat crazy idea today. What if Britney had tried to redeem herself by recreating her ICONIC 2007 Gimme More VMA performance for her 2016 VMAs. Now let's be real here, that would OBVIOUSLY never ever in a million freaking years happen and I'm sure Brit Brit doesn't even remember that that performance even exists but LET A MAN DREAM. If you decide to ignore the "I'm dead inside, please help me, I hate my life" :ipass: look on Britney's face during the performance and her CONSTANT missteps, the overall choreo and concept of the performance is really good and enjoyable. I personally REALLY love it. :bigkiss: There is also a video online of what the ORIGINAL choreo was supposed to be before they scrapped it (cough, the scrapping has been happening for a long while I guess :awks:), but I'm not sure how real it is. If it is real though... damn... I WAS SHOOK, to say the least... :lollistare:


What are your thoughts? What would have happened? Would this have skyrocketed Britney up the charts or would this have simply spawned an abundance of Britney memes. Tbh, I'm not quite sure, but the idea of this is really quite entertaining to think about. :BBMAney:

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11 minutes ago, Dripping For Britney said:

Recreating things that happened earlier in your career SCREAMS has been :NYsassy:

Not if you do it better! :bigkiss:

17 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

That wouldn't be a good move, nobody was asking for that lol. At the end of the day, Britney has no one else to blame but herself for how that went down. She chose to stay out all night clubbing, she chose to sleep in, she chose to fire the hair stylist, etc.

Perhaps it's not a good move but it sure would be A LOT of attention IMO. Something Britney lacks these days, not that she wants any of it. :gloss:

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