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A cute story about Britney's fascination with Hello Kitty

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This thread is just fluff curiosity, so yeah, be warned. :P


I think you've noticed by now, but she has posted quite a good amount of Hello Kitty-related stuff on her IG so far. Here's the latest.


By chance, it reminded of a video I've last seen some good years ago. I guess y'all remember Britney attended Rock in Rio 2001, the one that actually was held in Rio de Janeiro, the last concert in the Oops Tour. The video is in portuguese, and it features a Rock in Rio producer telling a very cute story.

I'm gonna try to give y'all a translation on what she's saying.

Not the actual quote tho :P


Among the rockstars, popstars also attended the show, including Britney. She did her show, always surrounded by many assistants. And I was a huge Hello Kitty fan, I wouldn't even try to hide it. So I was there wearing this whole bunch of Hello Kitty stuff on me: Hello Kitty tattoo, Hello Kitty hair buckle, etc. We both met, and the first thing she noticed, "ommmgg you like Hello Kitty too! Me too! OMGGG You must meet my assistant!" And she had the sweetest assistant ever. She gave me her assistant's calling card, we exchanged addresses, e-mails and so on, that stuff, and some time after, a month later, a GIANT box arrives at my home, a box filled with Hello Kitty stuff, all super cute, HK necklaces, hair buckles, all gifts from Britney Spears. Isn't that cute? The sweetest thing. To this day I have my Britney Spears's Hello Kittys. When people call her "Britney *****" or something like that, that is something I just can't understand, because Britney Spears is a cutie softie.



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