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  1. The doc is not for her it is for the people that know nothing and fans. Idk why we keep expecting for her to like these things. Same with framing. They serve a purpose that at the end of the day help her no matter what. We should expect 2007 on blast (like its been rumored already) and hope people have better judgement in 2021. All im saying is we shouldnt expect for her to come out saying she loved it afterwards. We all know she wont. So...
  2. honestly, reason tells us to think she couldnt, but I also thought she couldnt pull a music video as great as Slumber Party at that time so... she keeps shocking me everytime so I`ll say of course
  3. Lonely on the run to become my most listened song in 2021 on spotify LOOOOOL This girl is SO SMART it gives me chills The lyrics "Think of times you made me cry" "Think of all the times you made me sick"
  4. Being a dancer myself I can say the choreo is hard indeed but like many said its not HER style. These choreographers seem to forget people love britney's attitude more than her moves. If you dont make her feel **** she's not going to pull it off. Hence why everytime she choreographs herself (breathe on me etc) she does cool **** group choreos, floor movements etc.
  5. And when does she ever say things to our face and not in cryptic messages and etc? We know her, well hello mona lisa, rebellion Also, while i do get your point, they put HER VOICE OVER IMAGES OF ROSES, THE PEOPLE BEING INTERVIEWED IN FRONT OF ROSES AND ENDED IT WITH THE ROSE Come on
  6. "You will be seeing a lot more of project rose" She says this after talking about the pictures. Also, the doc wouldnt say oh yes britney wont say anything legally so she decided to support this doc and tell her truth through our lenses, xoxo
  7. Ok first of all thank you for posting this cause i ate those videos, loved them Second of all, after seeing these videos i feel so lucky to have had mid drama era Lindsay tweet me a shoutout in 2009 or 2010, i dont remember exactly. Like she stopped her day and tweeted me in the middle of all this. How lucky am i. I still love her but seeing all this caos put together you cant help but think shes a magnet for drama and loves being involed in it. She is a cancer woman after all so, no hate to cancer people but i said what i said
  8. Thank you!! Yes, the Q magazine and NME are from the UK, but I believe the collector imported some and bought some from shops that imported as well, thats the case for the rolling stone ones I think, but not sure. So idk where he was at the time of buying but glad he decided to sell!
  9. Thank you guys! They are in PERFECT condition, I was shocked, just like new, and when I got home I put them in these plastics that will protect them for life. The Spice Girls one is also great but has a bit of tape on the sides to stop it from falling because of its age, but still amazing.
  10. You guys omg Look what I found yesterday for only U$ 3 (yes, 3!) each I mean WTF!!!!!! i was going through them at a shop thinkin can you imagine if I find said cover and there they were one after the other. Blew my mind to find them together on the same day at the same place! The owner of the shop recently bought a magazines collection from someone with lots of NME, rolling stone and Q issues, and didnt have the time to go through all of them yet so he priced them all the same for me. I told him how these were iconic covers and heard him say to another guy after i left that he should have checked them before selling
  11. There was a live feed from a helicopter following her ambulance in 2008 when she was famosly hospitalized and I watched that at like 5 in the morning from where im at. Thats how CRAZY the paparazzi following was on her at the time.
  12. not saying im expecting it, specially because I do like the girl and think shes very mature, but I fear the day when she has some sort of downfall or a bad breakup or just... idk so much can happen to her yet, can you imagine. Britney was 18 when she did slave, who knew 6 years later she would be spirilling down fast. If britney did something like this she would have changed SO much.
  13. ...Baby One More Time 01 ...Baby One More Time - 9 02 (You Drive Me) Crazy - 8.5 03 Sometimes - 7 04 Soda Pop - 5.5 05 Born to Make You Happy - 7.5 06 From the Bottom of My Broken Heart - 6 07 I Will Be There - 6.5 08 I Will Still Love You - 7 09 Deep In My Heart - 7.5 10 Thinkin' About You - 4 11 E-mail My Heart - 6 12 The Beat Goes On - 1 Total: 75.5 Album final score: 6.29
  14. Also coming back here to say I know we have the megarate but thats meant for a collective view on the album and has many rules. Will be back in a minute with my BOMT scores.
  15. We keep telling everyone what our favorite album of hers is but have we really stopped to do the math? Maybe you have a couple of favorite songs on said album that makes you think that's your favorite, but overall, is it really? So do the math, *****. Let's find out your ranking of favorite songs, and albums. Get an album and start grading each song from 0 to 10, adding a 0.5 whenever you feel the need to. After doing that, you add everything up and divide it by the number of songs said tracklist has. You'll end up with your album final score. Start slow. Maybe pick up the one you think its your favorite and start comparing with other albums from there on. If you want to add the bonus tracks, I indicate you do every album with its bonus track version or state whats the bonus version final score and the regular score separate. Will be back here to post my takes and see if Blackout really is my favorite album. Xoxo
  16. if you don't you will have to do it over and over again whenever you start a new job or is looking to form new friendships etc i had girl friends get mad at me when i didnt tell them i was gay and i didnt act upon any of my desires before i came out because people that i love didnt know about my ***uality yet so I felt like I would be lying to them
  17. you know what it wasnt that noticable and it took me a few years as well i couldnt take my eyes off of britney you know
  18. people not appreciating the original loverboy are lame af THE CHANTING ON THE CHORUS LIKE ITS A GROUP OF CHEERLEADERS SCREAMING IS ICONIC AND ****S on the original and im sure mariah was pissed as **** they went with the sadder version, anyone who disagrees is wrong and thats that on that
  19. This is wrong. And you're not thinking very clearly. UO bought the rights to BOMT two years ago and that was that. Because fans ate that up, they started to buy the rest of ger discography, so money to team Britney. After they were done with her albums, and because fans kept demand high, they bought the rights to the greatest hits, so, money to team Britney. After that got eaten up, team Britney decided to sell Oops bsides and remixes rights to be sold as vinyls. So, really, its team Britney choosing what to sell, not the other way around. There are lots of other artists that dont sell their catalog's rights to be made as vinyls, its a new thing to do so, Mariah just did it this month. Now with that being said, I did buy them. The first batch at least. I was unaware of free Britney and it wasnt a thing when they started with BOMT and having paid lots for the first ones, I did want to finish my collection now and I have the right to do so. I wont buy the Oops bonus and remixes one because I dont feel like thats official since it was never released like this, thats money grabbing.
  20. I keep saying it to this day, Oops is Britney's best mastered album, her best vocals, her best production overall, its pop perfection. MUCH better than Britney. Thats her peak sound-wise.
  21. my exact thoughts. Right when it ended I went to look for the campaign, maybe it is run by the other girl? But they talked about Paris being the bigger voice on this so she should have posted it.
  22. I liked it but since I knew she was this smart business woman already, I thought oh what a convenient time in the world right now to start shifting your brand into the victim point of view. It's a smart move. Not saying she didnt go through all of that, she did, and maybe the world did start to change and changed her perspective on what she went through, but a lot of what we see is very calculated of course, so in the end I ended up not feeling that sorry for her. Also because I kept thinking of what Lindsay Lohan said about Paris couple years ago. They had fights involving Paris brother and stuff, and idk why I do like them both but I always believed Lindsay a bit more. So idk. I dont think Paris is an angel on earth like they pictured in the beginning, but I do like her in the end. She's kind of a mess but, yeah, idk. I think she could continue her brand mixing it with adulthood. Maybe this is the gate she found to do it. I just thought id finish the documentary liking her more than I did before and I ended up thinking she's being very calculated.
  23. if that includes her properties, then how much is her house worth? i imagine at least 10+ million so yeah she doesnt have that much at the end of the day I saw a tiktok from an actress that said she read online that she was worth 4 million and she laughed she said she's in dept and then went on to talk about her salary in a big series she was on and how at the time (even not being so famous) she had to pay business managers, assistants, rent in two different places because of shooting, stylists, etc Britney has that 24/7, its a lot of money that goes away and her lawyers must be expensive as f
  24. Ok, hold the f up someone posted about the book she talks about already but theres more to look into What the hell Only lynne is by her side!!! (Posting again because this cant go unnoticed)
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